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Coming days, CYCLONE summer break in Italy, violent storms and hail all week »

WEATHER: Coming days, CYCLONE summer breaks in Italy, violent storms and hail all week

NEXT DAYS WITH CYCLONE SUMMER BREAKSTime is about to changedecisively, too. starting from Tuesday 13th July, actually a Tornado Italy will invest by bringing in a large tonnage of My time As well as high risks hailstorm In many of our regions, in addition to a thermal depression that may be evident in some cases. Obviously this won’t be an end-to-end situation, but it will somehow split summer temporarily, with its effect still being felt most of the time. a week And this time Not only in the north.
But let’s go in order and see what awaits us in the coming days.

Atmospheric circulation close to change:African cyclone Which has been residing in the Mediterranean basin for several weeks, is expected to gradually lose its energy in the next few days, due to the arrival of whirlpool It is currently located in western France.
This will open a somewhat unstable phase, withProperty which will be temporarily Stop Under the onslaught of storms that will mark a drop in temperature, with the power of play.

distance Monday Still under the banner of boiling atmospheric stability, only undermined by some turbulence in some sections North West, already the first lights Tuesday 13 It will feature the first effects of in front of the storm Which will start working in some of our northern regions: Storm phenomena They will strike, albeit irregularly Especially in the central and western sectors, then move towards the east during the day, among other things, at altitude Tuscany.
Much attention will be paid to the north, where the pre-existing heat (high humidity) in the afternoon will serve as fuel for the development of the intense heat. who – which ThunderstormsAnd the able to provoke Heavy showers and wind and local hailAnd the also from large dimensions. For starters, the hailstorm It forms when you are inside a thundercloud.storm cloud) currents Progressive That is, those that explode from the bottom up, are very powerful. The presence of these high winds keeps tiny water molecules in suspension which, upon contact with cold air at high altitudes, freeze to form a grain. hailstorm. The higher the density of the currents, the more grains suspended at high altitudesIt increases in size more and more, until it decreases when the currents can no longer bear its weight.
Returning to the expected situation, we do not expect any particular shocks to the rest of the country, with high pressure likely to keep weather conditions stable everywhere, except for some transient clouds in centerAnd the Especially in the sector Adriatic.

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between Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 The cyclonic vortex It will move from France to the northern regions of Italy, thereby maintaining the conditions intended for strong atmospheric instability in this region of our country. Let’s not expect days with always gray skies and full context rainyBut the atmosphere will take that characteristic poor reliability with classic reverse or Thunder Storm Often around the corner. At this juncture, a lot of willpower will be in danger again northEspeciallyAlbena district, prealpina And thePlain Po Valley – Veneto: We expect new products in these sectors severe thunderstorms with the locals hail, all in a definitely cooler climate.
We will also find irregular clouds over a large part of centerAnd the Where the atmosphere will certainly remain drier, while Al South sun and temperature High will judge him.

Give Friday 16 And over the following weekend, cyclonic vortex Then it will move south, so time will begin to restore more stability in the northern regions, except for some remaining disturbances in the northeast. Bathing e My time Instead they will focus on him middle south They can insist all weekend, and bring general refreshments here, too.

Coming days: Heavy thunder showers coming from the northern regionsComing days: Heavy thunder showers coming from the northern regions