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Comes the answer that no one wants


Scientists are trying to answer the question: what will happen to the sun and what is its fate in the future?

The Sun (Canva) –

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a distant nebula4,000 light-years from Earth, it could help scientists formulate an answer to the question of what What would it be from the sun In the next future? What would happen if our star went out? Thanks to a particular nebula, astronomers can now make more realistic guesses.

As reported by the last conference ofAmerican Astronomical Societywhich happened in Seattle, scientists talked about The Butterfly Nebula4000 light years from our planet. A given name is due for winged effect that this nebula shows to telescopes. Discovering the future of the sun is a very important element. What will happen?

The fate of the sun when you die and what the consequences of it?

The Butterfly Nebula, the fate of the Sun
The Helix Nebula taken from the telescope (Canva) –

It is estimated that there are about 20,000 nebulae in the Milky Way alone, including the Helix Nebula in the image above. The Butterfly Nebula is located in constellation Scorpio It perfectly represents the star’s final trajectory. Compare two pictures immortalized Hubble telescopeOn the first of 2009 and the second of 2020, experts noticed two major differences: the nebula I grew up In a few years, but that’s not all.

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The team of scientists also observed a number of windy planes so intense that we are blasting from the central part of the nebula. It comes with an extension remnants of a former star which has been acting chaotically for thousands of years. According to hypotheses, the same storm jets should have already occurred between 2300 and 900 years ago, at a speed of about 800 kilometers per hour.

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Thus, the central matter of the nebula slips away more and more abroadShape butterfly wings. Having said that, thanks to the study and images of the dead star of the nebula, it is possible to make hypotheses about the fate of our sun. In fact, the dead woman looked exactly like the sun. When a star dies, its temperature reaches about 250,000 degrees Celsius.

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The remaining materials are covered and Hidden in dust and gas. However, it is possible to see the remainder of a star’s brilliance thanks to ultraviolet light. Scientists continue to study what remains of the dead star surrounded by the Butterfly Nebula, in order to determine a more realistic future for our star, the Sun. but when The sun must die? The assumed date makes all scholars agree. You can read the related article here.


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