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During the episode “Next Another”, Paulo Bonolis is forced to intervene. The reason is unimaginable, it all happened live

It’s not easy to keep the audience away when it comes to this Software broadcast during the live broadcast. You constantly need a great head and great entertaining skills. Yes, because in the age of social media and the dynamism of the web, anything can go viral around the world in a very short time. Therefore, there is a need to avoid as much as possible so that people can cope with phenomena that may then become viral for a bad personality. Of course, there are also those who are not waiting for something else. We understand that just silly episodes can spread across the web and thus advertise a particular brand or format. Unhealthy web games.

Paulo Bonolis (web source)

In recent years, we’ve gone viral for many of the scenes that have come from programs run by one of the small screen’s most beloved presenters. We are talking about Paulo Bonolis, known by some as the “King Midas” of television. Yes, because every time Paulo puts his hands on it, really important hits arrive, and the audience really appreciates what the conductor of Romanian descent does live. How can we forget, for example, the challenges during “Ciao Darwin”, where the beauty of the live broadcast (or at least what was broadcast even if it was recorded) made it possible to witness unusual scenes.

In recent years, not only “Ciao Darwin”, but also, for example, “Who Framed Peter Pan”, in which children are the undisputed heroes of the small screen. Of all we say to you, come on Instagram and Tik Tok There are very concrete testimonials. Scenes that went viral and are still prevalent on the web to this day.

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“Come to another,” Bonolis is speechless: he interrupts everything

Study The Next Other (web source)

Among the programs that have achieved great success in recent years, there is definitelyCome on another onewhich has become a very important source of entertainment for thousands of people who enjoy the evening before each day Mediaset (Although some episodes were also aired in prime time.) And also during this format as well, there were some gruesome scenes that got the audience laughing.

“If the second row remains standing, please,” Bonolis asks, surprised by the reaction of part of the audience at the entrance of one of the show’s heroes. “here you are, Who is in the middle?“He asks the conductor who has already boycotted the program to go and focus on a particular man, who is clearly shocked by the beauty of the woman.


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