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Coil, disposable.  Malandrino attacks the mayor: "The American trip cost 25 thousand euros: who paid?"

Coil, disposable. Malandrino attacks the mayor: “The American trip cost 25 thousand euros: who paid?”

PESARO «From 25 thousand Euros to the beach for delegation Mayor At the forefront, it was a question of who would bear the costs of the trip to America. The administration of Modena is very relaxed », attacks the opposition councilor Malandrino. The center-right “accounts in his pocket” for the delegation of the municipality of Pesaro that visited the states in recent days, first in Los Angeles for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Luciano Pavarotti, and then for a series of promotional meetings regarding the New Italian Cultural Capital 2024.

Pacero yes, Modena no

“Luciano Pavarotti, the greatest star of world opera, he loved Pesaro and chose it as the “Buen Retiro”, so reflected by the chosen townspeople that he was awarded honorary citizenship of Peserese – writes the municipal rabbit hunter. Daniele Malandrino of Fratelli d’Italia – maestro, as everyone knows, a native of Modena At the news of Kondova and a star dedicated to him on the Los Angeles Walk of Fame, both cities were delighted and wanted to honor the event by participating, but in a completely different way”. “Wednesday, August 24 – he continues – the award was given posthumously to the star dedicated to Luciano Pavarotti on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, the most famous walkway in the world, a prestigious recognition in honor of the tenant. Died in 2007, aged 71, named in honor of the great Matanese artist. Thus in Modena the master is remembered as an artist, a father, and a man, and underlines the bond with society. In Los Angeles, a video message from Modena Mayor Gian Carlo Muszarelli recorded in recent days at the Municipal Theater was broadcast with English subtitles, emphasizing Modena’s Pavarotti and Belcanto heritage in the city. Also citing Mirella Freeney. The live webcast of the event has been “relaunched” in Modena, where the municipality has set up a multimedia station for the event in the Ducal Garden, bar courtyard ». Then the opposition representative turns his attention to Pesaro and talks about expenses for foreign travel: while the “rich” was in Pesaro, the mayor saw fit to organize the trip of a delegation of four in his absence. Content with just attending the Los Angeles event, they also traveled to New York to see the Green Line. Irrespective of who will bear the travel expenses, we will confirm this with the question of the trip of Ricci and the company, which in such a period of great crisis seems to be a real “slap in the face of suffering”, the behavior of the mayor and the municipality of Modena seemed more appropriate and respectful.

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“The illusions of luxury – unfortunately never associated with many of Mayor Ritchie’s best decisions, but it seems that 25 thousand euros were spent on this trip, which we believe could have been. It is better used to solve important problems in our city or to help families in trouble, whether the resources in question came from a sponsor or worse. , regardless of whether it comes from the general municipal treasury ».