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Coe in the Mirror: "Nominations for Athlete of the Year? Jacobs' time will come"

Coe in the Mirror: “Nominations for Athlete of the Year? Jacobs’ time will come”

The president of the World Federation returns to the absence of the Italians from the contestants: “It depends on the statisticians who will remain anonymous anyway.” Balance sheet at the end of the season

Andrea Bongiovanni

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After a Romanian start to the Diamond League General Assembly week, 40 minutes call from London I wish Italian Athletics a Merry Christmas and 2022 as full of successes as it is in 2021. Sebastian Coe, N. First place in world athletics, he has always loved Italy. Perhaps, at this moment, the union he headed is a little less than the Tricolor Movement.

Mr. President, how can neither Marcel Jacobs nor Gianmarco Tampere be on the list of the ten athletes competing for the Athlete of the Year award?

“The debate over nominations is very heated every season. Everyone is hard to please, and there will always be many dissatisfied and I am sure if we asked ten experts for their list, they would all be different. You know, for the sake of putting together our stats, we turn to six statisticians with proven experience. , one per continental region. We trust their work and judgment and won’t change the standards. But Jacobs’ time will come. It’s part of things. To me, as a former middle-distance runner, the best in the world was always going to be the strongest in the 1500s.”

Why, in the name of transparency, do you not reveal the names of the statisticians involved?

What do you think of that part of the British press that doesn’t seem to accept the idea that the 100th Olympic champion is an Italian athlete?

“I cannot and should not answer this question, put it to the one who writes certain things.”

After more than four months, do you agree with Timbery and Moataz Barshim’s decision to share the Olympic gold medal?

“Our regulations have allowed this since 2011: I think the choice has warmed the hearts of many. I was curious to see the reaction of public opinion: I would say the majority greatly appreciates.”

Would you have done the same, Pyolamian scientist?

“Maybe not, but I was racing on the track, I wouldn’t have found myself in a similar situation. This can only happen in competitions. Anyway, I respect what they did.”

2021 gave an infinite number of world records, six of them in the Olympic disciplines: don’t you think the technologies applied to the sport, including tracks and shoes, have become so crucial?

“There are clear rules and if they are respected I don’t see what the problem is. It’s all part of a balanced process.”

The Diamond League just announced a new look to the competitions: do you agree?

“Meetings are not a universal review, it is impossible to have limitless spaces, especially television, at your disposal. Show business has its rules. Athletes have long complained about certain disciplines because they have little vision. There has been frustration. Organizers and so the stages tried But some tweaks are still needed. With Final Formula 3 now being proposed, I think the right compromise has been reached. Of course we need some degree of flexibility on the part of everyone.”

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When will we know exactly how the mixed race that will replace the men’s 50km at the 2024 Paris Olympics will take place?

“We have submitted a proposal to the IOC, we are awaiting a response. In all likelihood, we will determine everything in the March Council.”

Will we see cross-country racing at the Olympics?

“The possibility of Paris 2024 has disappeared for a while: but the door is still open for Los Angeles 2028. Personally, also for the relative participation of African athletes in a region where they are sanctioned, I prefer being on the program of the Winter Editions. Jacob Ingbergsen dominated the European Championships in Dublin, and he has just shown that he You can be a champion of the season both on the track and in the lawns.”

The topic of DDS athletes, also in light of recent positions taken by the IOC, is always topical: to expect any news?

“I only say one thing: Our rules will not change.”

What is the budget for global athletics 2021?

“It has been a very difficult year for everyone, but for us it has been particularly positive, not only thanks to the technical results obtained. With the Continental Tour, we have pushed our limits. Above all, we have confirmed that we are the first Olympic sport that we are a dominant force. Tokyo numbers say That: 2.2 billion global TV and digital viewers, 10,000 articles in the written press, 700 million social views and 62 different interactions. We add the contractual extension until 2029 with NBC for North America. And with the European Broadcasting Union in Europe and Africa, with significant financial increases Saying we’re in perfect health is not a gamble.”

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What are the goals of 2022?

“Besides the social tournaments, the Eugene World Championships will represent a tremendous opportunity to re-launch in the United States. The country, through tradition and emerging talent, the latest Erryon Knighton and Athing Mu, has just picked the best youngsters of the year, not to mention one like Sidney McLaughlin, no Still a great power.But the national movement, from an organizational point of view, needs to grow.Oregon 2022 could mark a turning point.And with the upcoming World U-20 Championships dedicated to Cali 2022 and Lima 2024, for the Americas in general, the near future could have new connotations “.

In conclusion: What do you think of the diplomatic boycott of various Anglo-Saxon countries, Britain in the lead, at the Beijing 2022 Olympics?

“I don’t support it at all. It has no value and risks punishing the most vulnerable athletes. I don’t like it when you use sport, which also has great diplomatic power, to do what governments don’t do. Respect for human rights is fundamental, keep in mind. But you must protect the independence and impartiality of our world.”