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Cocciante refuses to tell a private tale, the lesson

Cocciante refuses to tell a private tale, the lesson

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The triple tenor asks the maestro to tell a special tale to Moricon and says no to “live.”

Riccardo Cociantihonorary guest Ennio Morricone The Three Tenor Championship Flight, Gave a great lesson in style and artistry. In Verona Arena, where the event was held live by Rai Uno, the composer presented himself on stage with his usual and unique emotional charge. Before venturing into throwing the timeless tunes of “When Love Ends”, which he sang as usual with clenched teeth and hands that gave birth to divine piano music, he enjoyed the trio of youth. They first remembered that Cocciante would soon celebrate 50 years of his career, and then asked him if he would like to tell an anecdote about his relationship with Morricone. But the Italian-French musician replied in the negative that he would not.

Indisputable, simply Cocciante, inTriple invitation “No thanks,” he said, also explaining why. According to him, an artist as great as Morricone, if confined to the memory of private life, is diminished. “Enyo remembers what he did, for his work,” Ricardo commented, adding that Oscar Award He had fruitful work experience, as well as friendship. However, if someone thought about stealing some new gem about their private relationship, they were left with a dry mouth. “Artists should be remembered for what they did, not for anything else.” The musician noticed, then took his leave to applaud the Verona Arena.

Cocciante studied during the event dedicated to Ennio Morricone on Rai Uno

Cocciante’s words come at a certain moment, as often on television and in the media there are those vying to reveal the private aspects of non-existent or even deceased people. Either due to excessive self-centeredness, lack of sensitivity, appearance or simply lack of modesty. As for the Italian-French “maestro,” he declined the invitation with class and grace to narrate any aspect of Morricone’s private life, and gave an important lesson in common sense. More art and less speculation, that’s good!

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