Saturday, July 20, 2024

“Climb Over the Fence”, which is off – Libero Quotidiano


She moved in without her appointment yesterday evening, at the end of the party T Deum In the Vatican CathedralAnd the Pope Francesco He walked through St. Peter’s Square for the planned visit to the crib and tree, welcoming pilgrims, faithful workers, and state police along the way, and participating in a vigil service at the huge wooden crib. As he was about to return to Santa Martha House, at his residence in the Vatican, members of the “Vatican City” Police Inspectorate noticed someone trying to climb over the wooden fence to reach the cot. Stopping immediately, before he could cross the barrier, the man, about thirty years old from Sri Lanka, tried in every way to carry out his intention, refusing to cooperate, and putting up a staunch resistance.

Although trying, in a state of extreme agitation, L.N wriggle free, was banned and then reported to be at liberty. On these festive days, the commitment of the Vatican Inspectorate is particularly high to ensure the regular performance of religious ceremonies, “always combining the necessary rigor with the sensitivity required to receive the tens of thousands of visitors arriving daily from all parts of the world.” In short, only a moment of fear but quick intervention from the agents brought the situation under control in a few moments.

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