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climate and environment. The ozone hole is closing, by the year 2066 total closure is possible «3B Meteo

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For several years there have been rumors of a reversal in the ozone hole, but sporadic news has not been given much importance. Now, however, according to a very recent United Nations report, in stages We could get to full lockdown by 2066. The ozone hole was mainly caused by gas emissions Hydrofluorocarbon But above all CFCsThey are found in aerosol cans, refrigerators, foam insulation and air conditioners. These are harmful chemicals that have been banned since Montreal Treaty of 1987 To which several states joined, thanks to which a huge amount was eliminated – about 99%.

Ozone provides protection from harmful UV rays Which cause health risks in many of the world’s population, especially those who live in middle and high latitudes, putting them at risk of causing burns or even skin cancer and cataracts. The ozone hole also contributes to an increase in the average temperature on Earth, even if it is not considered by the scientific community as the sole cause of global warming.

The increase in the ozone hole has continued for at least a decade after the commitments made following the Montreal Treaty and The first positive signs were detected around the year 2000. The size of the ozone hole varies with the area of ​​the planet, so predictions of its closing have different timings as well. If the trend is confirmed and the watchman is not let down, the closure of the ozone hole should be complete by 2066, but even earlier in regions where layer depletion is less, i.e. In 2045 over the North Pole and in 2040 over the rest of the planet’s surface (since there was no real hole but a significant decrease in the ozone layer), to return to the conditions that existed until 1980.

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