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Cleats on tea bags, what are they really for?

Cleats on tea bags, what are they really for?

Have you ever noticed cleats on tea bags? Let’s immediately find out what they are and why they are

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one tea Drink It is highly regarded and now used all over the world. Its origins go back to the Chinese civilization, used since ancient times Ancient. The drink is made from an infusion made from the leaves ofCamellia sinensisToday it is in the kitchens of each of us, in the kitchens of all of us variants. But have you ever noticed the cleats on tea bags? What will they be and what will they be? We are here to find out!

Use of tea linkedIn fact, for different civilizations and traditions in the Far East, it was only after the era colonialHowever, this drink has reached other countries who have incorporated it into their countries traditions. Examples include England, Massachusetts and also European Russia. Even in Turkey, there are a lot of tea traditions WidespreadAs well as in the Arab countries. So we can say that tea, like our coffee, is real ritual.

Tea: cleats on the bags. What is their goal?

Tea, cardboard curiosity
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As we said, tea has very ancient origins and Represent, for many cultures a real ritual. For these civilizations, the time comes intended The leak is very strange, as in most cases tree leaves dried from the plant, and they also often use more than one variety at a time, for the purpose of improve it Taste. We are more accustomed to using tea in convenient and practical packaging bags. For the sake of speed, the sack obviously gives us a way tasting Instantly delicious and hot drink.

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But let’s get back to the important thing Curiosity This article aims to reveal it: it is about cleats which we find in tea bags. Someone may not have even noticed, but others, with most of the eye Be carefulHe will have noticed these details and will surely wonder why this is so.”OptionOr if it is, simply,IssueSomething that might be some of the creators.

Fast facts on tea bags: What are the cleats for?

over there classic The tea bag, which we all used to have at home, consists of container For dried leaves, what we soak in water, a Row and a card, where we usually find the logo and/or the minutes of the leak. this is Cardboard It has a specific shape and is characterized by the presence of some cleats. But what are they and what are they for? Let’s find out immediately.

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the Cuts On the cardboard there are very few millimeters, sometimes double. for him service It is really very important, although it is underestimated by many. cut to wrap around Floss as soon as you leave the bag infusion, to keep everything from sliding around even when your drink is ready to be poured into a mug. We also remember it for good succeeded Of this wonderful drink, it should not be underestimated, is the temperature of the water, which should be around 70 grades.

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