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Clean cities and zero crime


If you’re planning to move, perhaps permanently, and are over 60, here’s the best country to go to. Let’s find out.

Best country to live in –

Traveling is definitely one of the most beautiful things in the world. However, even daydreaming about moving somewhere else isn’t a bad thing. Especially if you are over 60 and may have reached retirement age. Did you know that there is a place more suitable than others for this age group? Do you know where he is?

The best country to go to after sixty

This research was conducted through a very specific study that conducted interviews and collected data from people belonging to this age group. Taking into account their feelings, and how their health improves by being in these places.

Emotional health, due to the large amount of opportunities related to well-being, things to do, and physical health. Let’s assume that in general, according to this research, the best places for people over 60 are those where one can live best in and before retirement Solid economy And with an appropriate social security system.

Living in Denmark –

In general, it seems that there are different countries that are known as rich. For example Norway, Canada, United States. And again Finland and Iceland. But above all, there is one thing that stands out: the best country to live in It’s Denmark. A place loved by young people, but equally appreciated by retirees. the reason? Clean cities, order, calm, very low crime rate.

Living in Denmark

Denmark is a clean and quiet country. It is therefore the dream of many retirees, thanks to a rich and lively culture that it will be a pleasure to discover in detail with plenty of free time.

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There are of course many aspects to take into consideration, pros and cons of being away too much. First of all, the cost of living can be higher than ours. And let’s not forget the different climate from Italy, which can be more stressful for people in this age group.

Among the positives we consider the quality of life it guarantees World-class healthcare facilities The quality of education is also among the best in the world. Health coverage also includes a wide range of timely services.

Cities are also very green, Rich in clean air and green spaces. Perfect for long walks outdoors in truly beautiful surroundings.

However, it must be said that Denmark is definitely one of the most expensive countries in the world. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider whether you can afford the costs. the Above all, rents are rising dramaticallyBut also public services and other consumer goods are very high compared to Italy, it will be necessary to have an adequate pension.

Language should also be kept in mind. Very little English is spoken, so a quick Danish course will be very useful. It is certainly not easy to learn a new language at this age, but it is ideal to avoid facing the problem of social isolation, which can be an obstacle in the first months of a potential transition.


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