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Citizenship income, Salvini: 'mistake'

Citizenship income, Salvini: ‘mistake’

“I realized I had made a mistake with my citizenship income, it was a failure….” This was stated by Matteo Salvini, guest on the Tg2 post. “Our line is at least the Citizenship Income Adjustment. To help those in difficulty, yes, but It is a tool that creates unauthorized work and unemployment. On my first signature, I will propose to transfer a large portion of this eight billion “earmarked to “citizenship income” to those who create jobs. Let’s use this money for Italians who really need it and not for crafty…”.


“We want to cut taxes starting with ERAB. Lega’s proposal on flat tax is the one that works in half the world, but Pd and 5s see it differently. The League has also entered the government to ensure that”, that is, there are no new taxes and there is a point to lower the existing ones. “That’s the deal with Draghi.”

Vaccine commitment

”I trust the Italians who freely and voluntarily chose to vaccinate in more than 70% of cases. Let us trust Italians who are informed and who choose. There are people who are not vaccinated by choice but We are among the most vaccinated countries in Europe and the world. The duty to vaccinate is in Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, but what are we talking about? Are Islamic republics our model for development? No, so let’s trust the Italians.”

green pass

“I will ask the ‘government’ not to trust the Green Corridor,” Salvini adds. “Parliament is important, if it has weight, do not trust it, as there are only 50 amendments, 5 of which are by the League.” “I will ask Draghi what his intentions are,” he concludes.

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