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Citizenship income progressed to 21


December is a month of holidays but not only. Many obligations for Italians, tradition often dictates this. Money is often short.

December is definitely not a month like any other. In the month of December, we know there is a Christmas holiday, and as tradition often dictates, it is a rather expensive time. Obviously referring to money. Lunch and dinner are organized according to all attributes, Distribute gifts to relatives and friends And a very high standard of living, if we may say so, for just a few days. Thus, it is reasonable to think that this is a period of the year when you need more money than necessary, and above all available in the shortest possible time.

above condition Obviously, it concerns all Italians, from retirees to employees to the self-employed who pass through unemployed recipients of special support measures and so on. Exactly in the post what was saidTo ensure that everyone has the opportunity to spend their Christmas holidays in the most dignified way possible, Provides INPS in most cases To present payment dates for various procedures. In short, everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy their monthly bonus a few days ahead of time.

INPS and December payments: Citizenship income advances to 21

For retirees and employees Depending on the birthday bonus, the so-called thirteenth will be useful precisely to overcome in the best way the period of crazy weights that is about to invest in us. luck in the questionHowever, it is clear that it does not concern everyone, and only a limited segment of workers, whether employed or retired, is entitled to it. for the latterThen, INPS proceeded to make prepayments based on the alphabetical order of the last name even in November. In short, special attention.

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Times and methods of payment from the thirteenth, then, especially for workers, it relates to certain dynamics often run by the companies themselves. Another very painful point is what matters The army of those with income from citizenship, for them, among the many controversies that have occurred in previous months, about the true nature of the provision of social welfare, came also early this year, after INPS . measurement last year. The certainty of an economic “cover” before Christmas is therefore safe for millions of Italians.

Accordingly, accreditation will take place between December 21 and 23. In short, Christmas will also be there for them. Payments are due on December 7 to the Italian public who are entitled to Naspi. Unemployment, maternity and many other measures are grouped under this one category. In short, for them too Everything will be expected To let you have a better holiday season. There is no news, however, regarding RIM, the emergency income. As it happened until the past few weeks, there was no particular indication By order of the government About the start of the accreditation in question.

ChristmasAs expected it can be said except for millions of Italians. Not that certain behaviors are an absolute commitment, but unfortunately many citizens will take these holidays in the harshest way possible. The truth is that on certain occasions you don’t want to give up anything and therefore have a certain economic availability as if somehow Offered greater security Even in the case of specific holidays. It’s only a matter of a few days at the end, when perhaps what is spent in the three or four months that is considered normal is spent. In short, Christmas is just around the corner, and almost everyone will celebrate it as always, to the fullest. NBS From this point of view, give Italians the best possible gift.

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