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Citizenship Income: New INPS application, preferably before the end of the year

Change the application for citizenship income, but who can get it? What are the new rules? Read on for the latest news on how to apply for an RdC to INPS.

Citizenship income, news –

Citizenship income: what is changing

In times of changing of the guard and the entry into existence of a new executive Meloni governmentThere is a lot of talk about the changes he made basic income. Waiting for official decisions, news arrived fromINPS Who sent a message, the No. 3684 on October 7, 2022. With this update, the fileNational Institute of Social Securitywanted to deliver the new order arrival online to order RDC as well as Citizenship pension.

But we must not forget that already Budget Law No. 234/2021 Provides for various changes with additions to citizenship income. Among the changes made Announcement of immediate availability for work For the applicant and his entire family, as long as they are adults.

The above announcement must be immediate and not made within the deadline 30 days From the date of acceptance beforeINPS From the contribution or on the first date in employment centers. Applications incomplete with immediate announcement of job availability at selection will not be accepted.

RdC, who is entitled to benefits

Citizenship income was created to give tangible Economic support for family income When there are economic difficulties and lack of work. The goal is to tackle poverty, inequality and social isolation.

All citizens who, for various reasons, are going through a period of economic hardship, can apply for help and assistance in different ways. That is, support on the way to integration into the world of work and direct economic assistance. For example, women who are not working can get Up to 1000 EUR per month if it wasUnderstood The results are below a certain threshold.

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If the family unit is made up of only one or more persons who are aged or over 67 yearsCitizenship pension is granted. This facility can also be offered in the case of Disabled and non-self-sufficient peopleIn this case, all you need is the age indicated above.

basic income
Citizenship income or citizenship pension –

Citizenship Income: The new online INPS application

INPS, after changes dictated Budget Law 2022, announces the changes made to the application for submission of the Citizenship Pension and RdC application. In particular, the application is optimized online and can be found at one of the following addresses:

  • in the section “Order or access”;

In the new INPS online application, it is good to pay close attention to the “part and – conditions necessary to enjoy the benefits” in which some parts have been modified. This is a section where information about the status of members is requested family. That is, if there are orders for precautionary measures or convictions for previously committed crimes. To facilitate the collection of files Online Application for RdCthe part related to the person concerned is divided directly from the part where information about family members is written.