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Citizenship Income: INPS, litigation ready, 1.2 million case dismissed – Economy

Of the 4,359,359 applicants for citizenship income between April 2019 and September 15, 2021, 1,215,251 (27.87%) were rejectedThanks to the examinations carried out by INPS during the initial investigation. The Institute explains this by responding to the Brothers of Italy.

There are 605,277 (13.88%) practices in expropriation due to the lack of requirements currently in use. And 123,816, (2.84%), are the practices that were canceled, due to lack of requirements from the original. INPS cooperates with law enforcement agencies, and reports situations worthy of investigation. For the protection of the business and the interest of its employees, INPS reserves the right to file a complaint.

In order to disburse the income from the company, the INPS conducted “all possible checks on the basis of the legislation in force throughout the national territory, with the application of the law”. This was stated in a note from the same institute in response.To what was announced by Deputy Francesco Lollobrigida, during the dispatch of the Porta Porta on November 4, regarding an alleged lack of controls by the INPS and the alleged willful complicity of INPS employees in the provision of citizenship income.”

In more detail – explains which institute reserves the right to file a complaint – personal requirements verified (citizenship and residency): This type of oversight, which is the exclusive competence of the municipalities, is carried out in cooperation with INPS which provides municipalities with a dedicated platform implemented with information flow from the Institute (i.e. requests made). In any event, the institute has promoted to the government a proposal to amend the legislation to strengthen its powers of preventive oversight, especially with regard to personal requirements, before the service is paid. Income requirements also checked: These requirements are checked by INPS on the basis of ISEE self-certified data and validated by the Revenue Agency. Also capital requirements: The consistency of the assets transferred by INPS is controlled on the basis of ISEE self-certification, certified by the Revenue Agency. Durable goods also happen: after preparing all the necessary technical procedures for the exchange of data and the positive opinion of the privacy guarantor based on the relevant legislation, the agreement with the ACI for comprehensive and simultaneous control is put into effect. Goods that comply with the provisions of the law. The agreement also allowed INPS to verify amounts even backwards and subject all beneficiary categories to verification in 2019 and 2020. If the requirements are not met, INPS cancels or loses relative performance. INPS also verifies the absence of convictions INPS conducts sample checks on all self-certifications made at the time of application, based on relevant legislation, through applications to the local offices of the Criminal Records Office, excluding investigations by the forces of the arrangement with which it cooperates Institute constantly. In order to share data on a large scale, an agreement is finalized with the Ministry of Justice which also requires a prior modification of the existing IT procedures of the Ministry itself. In addition to ex ante controls that are implemented on the basis of management actions, INPS also implements targeted anti-fraud controls. Monthly anti-fraud checks are structured in such a way that “at risk” cases are intercepted before the service is paid. The figures show that of the 4,359,359 applications received from April 2019 to September 15, 2021, 1,215,251 were rejected, equal to 27.87% of the total, thanks to the checks carried out by INPS during the investigation phase. Another 605,277, i.e. 13.88% of the total number of applications received, are the practices established in forfeiture by INPS due to the lack of requirements currently in use. Finally, 123,816, equal to 2.84% of the total, were canceled due to lack of requirements from the start, following internal controls ordered by the institute or as a result of reporting by the police. INPS cooperates with all law enforcement agencies, and reports on situations that merit investigation and that may lead to termination of service.

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