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Citizenship income and €200 bonus: when do they not match?

Citizenship income holders will also be able to benefit from the €200 bonus. However, there are cases where the two procedures are incompatible. Let’s see which one together.

The €200 bonus Recently submitted by Aid and Energy Ordinance A contribution of €200 will be paid this summer as a one-time fee WorkersAnd retired And unemployed Presentation ISEE less than 35 thousand euros.

friends basic income But only in some cases. Let’s see together when the two scales are incompatible.

Citizenship Income and €200 Bonus: Incompatibility

Money 1005464_1920friends basic income You will be able to take advantage of €200 bonus automaticallywithout submitting an application, as long as they meet the required conditions.

However, not all income recipients will be able to take advantage of this feature. In fact, it would not be possible within the same family to obtain more than one reward, so it is Double dispensing is prohibited. This situation can occur when in the family there is a self-employed worker or pensioners who are already entitled to a bonus of 200 euros. It would be the INPS to verify that this does not happen.

€200 bonus 2022: what is it

Money 1005477_1920The €200 bonus It was introduced by the so-called decree helprecently approved by treasury. The contribution will be paid to retired And Workers With One-time income of less than 35 thousand eurosExceptionally, it is paid only once. According to the executive, the measure affects 28 million Italians, including the self-employed.

The bonus has just been introduced, accordingly, as determined by the Minister of Economy Daniel Franco, Some details of the operation of the contribution have not been finalized, but he predicted that it will likely be disbursed Between June and July. Moreover, it will not be necessary to actually place any order The bonus will be paid directly by INPS And paid in retirement allowance or employee pay slip. However, for the self-employed, how the bonus will be paid has not been reported.

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Measure cost around About 6 billion eurosjust under half of the envisaged 14 billion to fund the entire decree.