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Cities in the US where you have the most fun - travel

Cities in the US where you have the most fun – travel

If you are planning a trip to the US and want to have some healthy American-style fun, here it is
Cities where you will have a good time And those that are best avoided. Financial services site WalletHub has compiled 182 cities (including some Canadians) based on the entertainment they offer visitors.

To give concrete meaning to the ambiguous concept of “fun,” the research determined a score for each destination by crossing 52 factors, divided into three main categories:
Entertainment, nightlife, parties and costs. For example, per capita restaurants, sports facilities, beaches, amusement parks, guided tours, trekking trails, bike rentals, spas, cinemas, theaters, bars, pubs, discos…

The most funny city

entertainment capital
It could only be Las VegasWho dominates the ranking with 70 points: he is first in entertainment and sixth in nightlife and parties. Orlando comes in second with 61 points, thanks to a focus of theme parks: Disney World, Universal, SeaWorld.
Complete the New York platform At 55: Those who love nightlife in the US (and possibly the world) will find nothing better, thanks to the amount and variety of bars, restaurants, and clubs.

To close the top ten, there is also plenty of fun in Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, New Orleans, and San Diego;
Los Angeles is thirteen, but it is very close to the result. Behind them and then down into the gray area in the middle of the table are other particularly popular cities: Washington DC is 15, Seattle is 16, Dallas is 27, Boston is 52 and Detroit is 64.

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The most boring city

To avoid getting bored, turn off the taillight in Pearl City, Hawaii, as there seems to be nothing interesting (or almost) to do. In the latter places, you will then encounter a large number of cities that are unlikely to get into a travel program, but still write down the names
As a reminder not to stop If you pass: eg Oxnard, Santa Rosa and Fontana in California, Bridgeport in Connecticut, Yonkers in NY State.

You can see here
All cities in detail.

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