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Christopher Storer - The Bear - Season 1 - Reviews

Christopher Storer – The Bear – Season 1 – Reviews

After the resounding success in the United States, The bear He also arrived in Italy thanks to the star division of Disney Plus It first appeared in one solution. Created by Christopher Storerauthor and director archer And the Dickinsonthe series starring Jeremy Allen White, whose talent has already been showcased during the long series shameless.

Let’s start with the narration: the protagonist The bear Carmen “Carme Bear” Berzato, one of New York’s best-known chefs who also worked at “The Best Restaurant in the World” who suddenly finds himself running a restaurant in his hometown of Chicago, inherited by management from his brother who died prematurely. What Carmi didn’t know was that his brother (and thus the place) was heavily indebted, so he tries to steer it all in a new direction, and dramatically improve the culinary aspect of the business, which depends mainly on-class workers, Carmi is forced to extricate himself from economic and organizational problems. , to manage a willing new apprentice and a grumpy friend, as well as mourning his missing brother, which also brings his mental problems to the surface.

The world of kitchen entertainment has exploded in the past 20 years thanks to broadcasts like Masterchef Anthony Bourdain’s Nightmare Kitchens: No Reservations, Top Chef and so on. Many films have been made that focus on the character of a chef in his restaurant, one of the most delicate films Tastes and differences To the most inspiring people even in the world of animation, ratatouille (And many of them are on the way, like food menu And the boiling point). What does he make? The bear So particularly original and unique cannot be found in preparing or presenting recipes, but in the far from simple ability with which to represent the toxicity of a particular environment (kitchens in the catering world) and to link it to mental health problems, particularly children of society which imposes a practically irreplaceable ideal.

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The text (mainly by Storer himself, who has worked closely with the chefs of some restaurants) does not leave anyone out, presenting a world that is not quite as poetic as it was presented to us. Problems are on the agenda, and economic problems are fundamental. In fact, the program’s producers initially advised Storer not to talk about money, but the author felt it was necessary instead:

Even when I was developing a series, for some reason I found that people are very reluctant to talk about money. We kept saying it was a minor aspect, but in fact it’s a huge fact, a hundred hours of work makes a huge difference in a business. I kept thinking, “We can’t do this show without talking about it. You can’t do this series without talking about how pervasive the economic issues are”

The economic woes in which The Original Beef of Chicagoland (that’s the show’s name) provides the necessary hook so that the shocks of each member of the stepson family surface. Everyone’s exasperation moves to the point of no return in a story that slowly reveals the big picture and events surrounding Karmi and his family. If money were left out of the equation, we wouldn’t be able to talk about the separation problem that the show has consistently suggested.

Carme is a distinguished chef, among the best in the world, but running a restaurant in the United States is very complicated if you are not from a wealthy family (or if your uncle Cicero lends money with criminal situations) and even worse than debt is inevitable in such an environment, given for the social context. The burden of having to deal with the loss of a family member, a brother he hasn’t spoken to for some time, doesn’t help. All these idiosyncrasies risk breaking out of the cage every day, like that bear metaphorically opening the show in a karmic nightmare.

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To push the accelerator more than it makes The bear A product that is not recommended for those who are already particularly anxious is Cadence. Extremely tight, bolstered by unusual or randomly listed dialogues, and frantic editing that climaxes in the episode Ceres, where the camera does in a more targeted (and virtuous) way what cinema and television should always do and in which the series succeeds in every episode: to express through images and express a certain mood. To complete the picture, there is one Irresistible soundtrack A cleverly framed description of middle-class life in Chicago, without a doubt among the best of the year.