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Christmas weekend and Boxing Day, something very strange will happen already on Christmas Eve… »

Weather: Christmas weekend and Boxing Day, Christmas Eve will already have something very strange going on…

Weather forecast for Christmas and Boxing DayImportant updates are coming today in view of Vacation: Something very strange (for the period) will happen from the beginning wake up And for days after Christmas And Saint Stephen. Something is definitely breaking down in terms of climate and the year 2022 is a sign of this coming to an end.

But let’s go properly. From the analysis of the cards at our disposal, it emerges that the next one is correct WeekendBetween Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, a Dominating the scene in much of Europe It will be a large bubble of high pressure It will, in fact, block the atmosphere.
It is no coincidence that in technical jargon this particular pressure arrangement is called A ban on OmegaFrom the Greek alphabet (omega inhibition, in English).
As can be seen in the diagram below, we can identify an anticyclonic area (denoted with the letter A) “blocked” by two low pressure centers (denoted with the letter B) located to the right of its sides. Atlantic Ocean and another in Eastern Europe. The result of this module is Lo Sustaining high pressure in the same area for a long time.Anti-African Hurricane over Italy on Christmas DayAfrican counterattack on Italy at Christmas

For everyone Weekend Weather In some way Anticyclonic monster“This will effectively prevent it from reaching Italy, and as a result, it is reasonable to expect sunny days in many regions.
Attention, see A somewhat African component of high pressureThe The maximum temperature will rise above the climate average We do not exclude that a peak of 20°C may be reached, especially in the mid-south and the two largest islands, with values ​​more common in April and May than in late December. A few degrees lower than Al North, But still around 8/12°CApart from schools the fogAbove all it is possible in flat areas and alpine valleys.
As we can see from the graph below, this is aA rather remarkable climate anomalyA symptom of climate change, which is ongoing with increasingly significant warming, is affecting practically all of Europe: color Red represents values ​​up to 10°C above average This is what one would normally expect at this point.Climate anomaly across Europe, temperatures several degrees above average in redClimate anomaly across Europe, temperatures several degrees above average in red
Weather conditions will be blocked even early next week And, according to the latest updates, they may be until the end of 2022: so, there is room to stop this Strange Winters, if truth be told, are characterized by long warm phases and little precipitation (if not concentrated in very short periods and in small places: flash floods), all of which are becoming more common, a clear sign of climate change. .

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