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Tendenza meteo per la fine di dicembre: in arrivo tante novità

Christmas and New Year, the cold hypothetical (maybe snow) holiday only! The update is interesting

Weather: Christmas and New Year, cold hypothesis (maybe snow) just for the holidays! The update is interesting

Weather Trend for the End of December: Lots of news comingThe weather update for Christmas and New Year is very interesting today!
From a review of the latest data available to us regarding holidays and the end of December, Check out the hypothesis of cold and maybe snow!
Seems to be confirmed So we’ve been talking about a beginning for some time On the contrary events and in some ways irregular winters certainly do not make us bored.
But let us go properly by analyzing all the details about the expected temperature and rainfall in Italy in the last part of this 2021.

After a fixed bracket, the course is expected Next week When high pressure returns to dominate after several stormy weeks characterized by bad weather with rain and snow, our focus shifts to the intervening period. December 20 and the end of the year.

To understand what will happen in the next few weeks, as usual, we need to expand our vision to the entire hemisphere. Well, what emerges is that, in Arctic latitudes, Between Scandinavia and Russia Has created a dump Icy Lake“, A (very cold) real one filled with Arctic air Cold tank It could slide towards Europe and thus be a kick Called frost waves, Many times, They can invest in our country.
At this point, given the even more temporary distance, it is only a ‘Hypothesis And it should be considered, but that being said, it should be said that many days are important long-term international models. Leaning towards This type of structure.

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The arrival of frost winds from northeastern Europe (Russia) will be favorable Christmas And to the end In December, Formation in the Mediterranean bed Hurricane loops Is constantly fed precisely by these cold currents, which lead to one Solid ice phase e Dynamic, with Possibility of snowfall at very low altitudes, Locally Equilibrium.
In Next days We will try to understand whether this system is stable or not. More updates will follow.

Possible frost waves from Russia between Christmas and New YearPossible frost waves from Russia between Christmas and New Year