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Cholesterol, the first sign when it's too high: What you need to know

Cholesterol, the first sign when it’s too high: What you need to know

Help me, I have high cholesterol! How many times have we heard this phrase from some of those close to us? Many, or rather, many. But there are – in fact – some signs that will help us understand that we are reaching very negative values ​​in this direction …

In particular, they exist the first show, which many do not know, that there can be a lot of help … Which? We reveal it to you…

Cholesterol Finance Rapisarda

health It is our greatest and most precious gift to each of us, although we often forget it. And that’s bad because when we realize that – in fact – Something does not enter our beingOr it is late and therefore the disease in the meantime has acquired serious or elevated tones.

And this happens because we think that “it will never happen to us” and that we are beautiful and fit even if – in reality – this is not quite the case, also because we often do not follow a healthy, balanced and balanced diet, but on the contrary aim to wrong feeding Excessively rich in fats or in any way substances and foods that are not a panacea for our bodies that we should try to love and respect more.

And if we do this sometimes, it is also because of the laziness and haste that so often makes its way into our lives. Moreover, even loneliness, as well as depressive states, lead us to this eat the wrong wayas well as sometimes even excessive.

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The symptom that reveals to us if we have high cholesterol…

And this can lead, among other things, to possession High in fat It is an issue that we should never underestimate for our own good. Also there is a file The first symptoms Which should at no point bother us in this direction. Which? A very simple one to notice…

Cholesterol Finance Rapisarda

Leg cramps that can sometimes be not only very annoying but also painful, so much so that they require taking painkillers. Then there are those who feel them most during the day and those who see them at night when they are asleep kind of twitching Which often wakes him up and thus does not allow him to rest properly. But there are also those who can experience both conditions!

At this point it is a good idea to run for cover immediately by calling your treating physician Who will know how to advise you to solve the problem after careful analysis. And obviously you’re starting to think that you should change your eating habits, do it some condescensionand maybe include more movement in your days, even if it’s small but to some extent Refreshing walk under the house.