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China's prototype nuclear reactor is 100 times more powerful than NASA's

China’s prototype nuclear reactor is 100 times more powerful than NASA’s

China’s space program recently completed a prototype space nuclear reactor design. To make you understand, the The Chinese reactor will be able to generate megawatts of electricityThis makes it 100 times more powerful than the device that NASA wants to send to the moon by 2030.

According to the US Space Agency, in fact, NASA’s nuclear fission system will be able to provide about 40 kilowatts of power – Enough to feed 30 families for a decade, but far less than the new prototype of China presented by the South China Morning Post. In fact, NASA wants Installing a nuclear reactor on the moon.

We don’t know much about the Chinese project, but according to China’s national newspaper, the reactor prototype was as well With some important components of the reactor. There is some concern about the secrecy of the space reactor, which may not follow safety regulations … and perhaps that is why China did not present its prototype with much fanfare.

But after this announcement, it becomes clear that the country wants To remove America from the throne of the “space ruler”, and even NASA Administrator Bill Nelson himself recently raised concerns that China might send humans to the moon before the Americans return, especially now that… NASA postponed the Artemis mission.

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