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China, Taiwanese influencer of propaganda

In recent days, Hong herself has defended the Chinese government on this issue XinjiangDuring the controversy surrounding the visit of the UN envoy, Michelle Bachelet. “All the facts showed that the accusations made by the United States and other Western countries regarding China’s Xinjiang are completely defamatory.Hong said, defining Fabricated lies“Those who are working with forced labor and the alleged genocide of the Uyghur minority.

Pro-Beijing Taiwanese influencers and celebrities

In Beijing it is very convenient to have Taiwanese rumors are favorable. Both are on the inward side, hence the ability to amplify the narrative under which”Citizens‘Across the strait very much want’ReunionBut I’m a ‘hostage’ to the government.separatistAnd “colluded” with foreign forces, ergo the United States.

Celebrities from the world of cinema or sports also contribute more or less directly. actress Lily Tian, a Golden Bell Awards winner in 2002, was targeted by Taiwanese users after posting a video claiming to be from Taiwan, China. Not an absolute fad. In 2016 he attacked the actress Lin Chi-ling He described it as a supporter of Taiwan independence. In the last Winter Olympics in Beijing, the case of Huang YutingA Taiwanese figure skater posted a video on Instagram in which she trained while wearing the Chinese national team uniform.

According to the Taiwanese Liberty Timesin the past few weeks Taiwanese YouTubers Notable residents of the People’s Republic of China attended the Fifth Straits Youth Development Forum in Hangzhou, during which they shared their successes in running their platforms and encouraged other Taiwanese youth to join them. The event was about to come 450 Influential Characters Coming from both sides of the strait.

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Already in 2019 there was talk of a file a program Chinese authorities for Recruiting Taiwanese pro-unification influencers In light of the 2020 presidential election, which was subsequently won by Tsai Ing-wen. In recent years there have been many Taiwanese bloggers Being famous in the People’s Republic of China, he always carries messages in favor of the Beijing government. among these Li Xiaoxinknown as “cousin of Taiwan”.

Taiwan government agencies are working on a new measures To contain not only the flight of talent in the semiconductor sector to the People’s Republic of China, but also the influencers. Fines and other penalties are threatened for those who cooperate with the Communist Party. Lawmakers face a number of difficulties in addressing this issue, as they also have to protect freedom of expression, but it is likely that Law against intrusion It is modified to strengthen the anti-advertising shield.