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China on Mars: Challenge to the United States. What is changing now for the West?


How do we see the world? Do we really see it, or how do we think we see it? Eternal confusion arises, like the Schopenhauer between desire and representation, instead of the subjective filter of a vision that obscures an objective reality. This applies to everything: geopolitics. Especially the geopolitics of space.

With the landing of the Jurong Rover (meaning “Star of Fire” from the ancient Chinese name of Mars), China has become the third country in the world to launch its own vehicle on the surface of the Red Planet. . The Tianwen-1 mission (meaning “celestial questions” in Mandarin) began in 2014 and took less than six years to move from the design phase to the actual launch site on July 23, 2020. A very gentle path, which was able to benefit from the evidence available from Western colleagues (including issues and potential weaknesses). For immediate comparison, I think it took three decades for Exomars work instead to go from mathematical design models to the launch pad.

What does all this mean? A new race into space is undeniably open (not from today), which is a celestial realm that the galaxy Empire Peking wants / wants to settle. With a goal beyond significant scientific progress. Space exploration is in fact one of the brightest examples of dual-use technologies where application effects are intercepting both the immediate and civil sector (think telecommunications) and above all the corporate and military.

In this regard, during the recent launch of the first batch of the new Chinese Orbital Space Station, President Xi sent a message to the Jimming Mission team, encouraging them. “Continue the spirit of both shells and satellite with determination and enthusiasm“Therefore, with a clear reference to the path defined and discovered by the Communist Party in the 60s and 70s of the last century, ensure the safety of the young people’s republic – or test an atomic device and place it in an ICPM to launch the first satellite into orbit.”

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All objectives are fully achieved. Certainly not for the benefit of our western countries, but openly blind, compliant and wait in the face of the dragon’s progress, for the hunger for knowledge and the massively plundered brains in Europe.

The result? As images and messages of these days filled with fears of the re-entry of large debris into the atmosphere magically burning the flame of awareness, we know how much China is and how to do it. Also, it is unbelievable to think of the first walk on a “diagonate” moon in early 2030.

The biggest hurdle facing Western politics and diplomacy in confronting the Beijing space program is that it is not clear exactly what China wants to do.Mark Hillborn, a security expert at King’s College London, said in a recent article in the Financial Times. So it’s not really the moon that matters, but in this case the finger covers it, because it is precisely the hostile applications of cynical space conquests on the finger (trigger) that are hidden.

The western countries affected by the epidemic and epidemic of Govt-19 (a virus, it should always be remembered, are of Chinese descent) can finally wake up from the numbness and cause of the senses, the condition of the reactive animals and the scientific and technological quality still belongs to us.

That is, looking at geopolitics with new eyes, with more caution, vigilance, and attention. Albert Einstein wrote in his 1931 article entitled “The World I See”: “All crises bring progress. Creativity arises from pain just as day rises from dark night. It is in crisis that innovation, innovation and best strategies are born. […] There is no merit without crisis. Only in crisis can we really show our best”.

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In fact we learn from crises and difficulties. As always. Giving positive reactions, ideas and that precious awareness is not the result of the aggression of power, but rather the result of the belief in the will.


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