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China expelled former President Hu Jintao from the CPC Congress.  video

China expelled former President Hu Jintao from the CPC Congress. video

The removal of the elderly former Chinese leader from the Great Hall of the People remained unexplained and was not captured by state media cameras in Beijing. According to the Xinhua News Agency, the former leader “was not feeling well.”

Former Chinese President Hu Jintao was unexpectedly removed from Closing Ceremony of the XX Congress of the Communist Party In the Great Hall of the People, with extraordinary movement and tragic effects, when the domestic and international media were allowed into the auditorium of the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square. What at first seemed to be a request for help, thanks to the driving stage’s remoteness from media publications, became instead a forced exit requested by two clerks, thanks to an examination of the filmed videos that occupied the scene.

The former Chinese leader was forcibly removed from the classroom

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Li Zhanshu, one of the seven members of the Politburo Standing Committee sitting next to him, seemed so frightened of what was happening, that he tried to get up before he was arrested by Wang Huning, another member of the committee. Hu, 79, was sitting to the left of President Xi Jinping when he was helped out of his seat in front of the cameras and more than 2,000 delegates. The former leader looked dazed and reluctant to leave the first row of posts in the hall. A host tried to take him seated by the arm but was refused, then tried to lift he with both hands from under the armpit.

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He was ousted before the final vote

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After a verbal exchange for about a minute, in which Hu spoke briefly with Xi and Prime Minister Li Keqiang, he was dismissed. Shi was photographed holding papers on his desk as he tried to grab them. He patted Lee on the shoulder as he left, most of the leaders staring at the audience. The conference closed after 7 days of work, mostly behind closed doors, but the ouster of the former president took place shortly before some 2,300 delegates voted unanimously to support Xi’s leadership as the “core” of the entire match.

Media: “The former president was not feeling well”

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It is not clear the reason for the decision, whether it was Xi’s opposition to power or a simple unfortunate obstacle that ended up in the spotlight. According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, the former Chinese president “was not feeling well” and that’s why he would leave the business of Congress “When he did not feel comfortable during the session, his staff, for his health, said he escorted him to a room adjacent to the meeting place until he rested. Now he is better much,” says the launch agency. A search for “Hu Jintao” on Weibo, China’s Twitter, appeared to be censored by the Great Firewall and was not among the viral stories, despite the fact that the first 20 stories were related to the conference. Xi is about to secure an unprecedented third term at the head of the party on Sunday, October 23, marking the first session of the XX Central Committee.

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