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Children with cancer are “prescribed” very special medications to doctors


Being on the other side of the fence is something else entirely. Doctors who have received a great life lesson from children facing the cancer tunnel know this well. Children who were accustomed to receiving prescriptions once wore scrubs and wrote prescriptions themselves. Certain medications, but they are essential not only in the relationship between doctor and patient but also (and above all) to better deal with the disease. With a little sarcasm and imagination.

The medicines that the boys prescribed to the doctors were called Secret, Respectable, Medicine, Gentyline. Discretella is a specific discretion-based product, with an active ingredient called Speclo: Verga Kids prescribes it to health care workers when they want the intimacy and solitude of their room, when nudity in the hospital is too embarrassing, or when parents ask questions or doctors invade a teen’s privacy. There is the “Clear and Easy Words Tea” which eliminates the “medicine” and makes the professionals understand that the conversation should become simpler and easier to understand, or the “Gentilin, Kindness Drops for the Most Sensitive Eyes” eye drop which invites the patient not to lose sight of it: based on “Empatina” and “ Osserbene”, he invites doctors to look carefully, with real curiosity at the individual, to combat distracted or hasty observations.

The entire product range aimed at the healthcare staff of the Maria Letizia Verga Center – Irccs San Gerardo dei Tintori is called “Pills of Irony” and has been designed and created by the children of the adolescent project “I Ragazzi del Verga”, with the support of their teachers, psychologists and the Maria Committee. Leticia Verga. The project began in the summer of 2023 which brought together the experiences and needs of children in hospital and gave a fun and effective form: intimacy, kindness and clarity in communication but also time, confidence in the future and the return to normal life are the thematic cores. They emerged more strongly and became, in a collective and creative act, fake blisters with explanatory cards.

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It will remain available to the Centro Verga community as a tool to use to address some uncomfortable conversations in a direct but proactive way and resolve situations that can cause embarrassment for young people when they have to reveal themselves and express their needs. About 15 girls and boys aged 14 to 20 years participated in the project.

“We started by listening to and sharing the children’s experiences, clarifying the experiences in groups and identifying the most heartfelt topics – comments Elena Pagani Pagliaca, psychologist at the Maria Letizia Verga Center – We highlighted difficult or tiring moments of the experience Being teenagers in oncology is defining Those practices and behaviors that have remained imprinted in everyone’s memory due to their effectiveness or the comfort derived from them.

“With sarcasm pills, children talk about themselves to staff and ask us to try to share their point of view, they provoke us without embellishment and remind us – as only teenagers know how to do – about important topics, whether it is ‘asking for change whether it is positive reinforcement or a display of affection,’ confirms Marta Stopa, teacher of the “IRagazzi del Verga” adolescent project.

“Caring work in the field of pediatric hematology and oncology is very emotionally demanding: humor and sarcasm are an additional tool that facilitates sharing and mutual understanding. These prescriptions can have a great transformative power in the department: we plan to make them available to other hospitals affiliated with the Italian Society of Hematology and Oncology.” Pediatric hematology and oncology and also evaluating their effects within the framework of research on hospital well-being,” concludes Marco Spinelli, oncologist, Head of the Psychosocial Area of ​​the Maria Letizia Verga Centre.

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