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Chiara Ferragni, with her burqa, speaks of prevention

Many questions from followers regarding the patch on Chiara Ferragni’s arm have been resolved. In fact, the influencer responded by explaining that he had to remove a mole that was at risk of developing skin cancer. Let’s talk about prevention and its importance.

Digital influencer and entrepreneur Claire Feragny She decided, once again, to exploit her huge audience (we are talking, in fact, of 28 million followers on Instagram alone), to highlight an important, not sufficiently emphasized, Prevent In relation to dermatology, and more specifically, in relation to the first Melanomas. In fact, the entrepreneur revealed to her fans that Band aid Wear on the arm is the result Mole removalwhich was carried out after the preventive examination that Ferragni periodically underwent, given his “knowledge” of melanomas.

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Reply video on TikTok

“Hi guys!”: It begins like this, with the usual greeting and signature Claire Feragnythe video has been played Tik Tok One where the famous fashion influencer explains to her audience the purpose of the plaster on her arm. “I’ve seen everyone talking about it Band aid which I have been carrying on my arm for about two weeks, since I got the result I can tell you about it now. I visit moles about once a year because, unfortunately, I know moles Melanomas, so I check them often. Melanoma is a type of cancer A very aggressive malignancy, it can be traced and recognized on the skin also, precisely, by the shape, color and changes of moles over time.

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Influencer’s words on his patch

He continues: “Compared to what it was like six months ago.” Claire Feragnyexplaining the result of the last examination, “There was a slight change in the color of the mole, so it was better to remove it as a precaution. Now the histology has arrived and everything is fine. The mole has changed so it had to be removed, because over time it can turn into a file skin cancerwhich is one Oncology the worst among the most dangerous; Most of the time, you don’t even realize you have them until it’s too late. Always check your moles because they are among the worst tumors, yes, but they are also the easiest to find and control.” A particularly heartfelt call to Claire Feragnyalso (perhaps) to the recent experiences of some of the people closest to her.

Not only Chiara, but also Valentina Ferragni

Both husband and singer Federico Luciain Art Fedezthat sister Valentina FerragniIn fact, they have recently had to deal with health problems: even in their cases, prevention has proven to be of fundamental importance. Fragnice’s younger sister was operated on Basal cell carcinomawhich is a short form of cancer malignant, discovered due to a growth on the forehead, ie a cancer, initially from the girl who got mixed up with the pimple. At the time of surgery I also had my basal cell carcinoma removed Valentina Ferragni He made a warm suggestion to his followers: “Needless to say, I was very worried about the problem, about the operation (fortunately it was the first in my life), about the scar on my forehead but the most important thing is health. So Do not hesitate to go to the doctor If you feel like something is changing, if your skin is having a problem, if you are not feeling well… health is the most important thing of all. And remember each scar It’s a battle we won.”

The importance of prevention

According to the Italian Association of Cancer Registries, air7,300 men and 6,700 women are diagnosed with skin cancer each year. To help people not panic when watching their moles for some form of change, the acronym takes care of that. ABCDE, which is very useful to take into account when conducting a self-assessment (which, let us remember, however, cannot replace a careful medical examination). on the website of AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research Let’s read the meaning of the acronym mentioned:

  • to me How asymmetry in shape (melanoma is more irregular than a benign mole);
  • B How the border irregular and unclear.
  • c How the color variable (that is, with different shades within the same mole);
  • Dr How Dimensions increase in width and thickness;
  • And the How has evolved From a mole that appears, in a rather short time, changes in appearance.

In addition to periodic self-examination of the skin, it will be in Dermatologistafter an examination with mole maps, to be able to certify any health problems in a timely manner.

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