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Chiara Ferragni, Covid and the Negative Store.  "But how is that possible?"  Most interesting hints - Libero Quotidiano

Chiara Ferragni, Covid and the Negative Store. “But how is that possible?” Most interesting hints – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Friedla

time for Wild Lucarelli Opposite Chiara Ferragni. Clash of the Titans Social Media. It immediately blossomed. Lucarelli wrote: “How is it possible that Ferragni 8 days later already result molecular store I’ve been in solitary confinement since 22 forced to hold a tampon in private (€90Q) January 7th…Lombardy ATS gave me availability on January 12th (Booked 27).” It’s a real blast that leaves everyone speechless on social media. videos And we remember that Ferragni announced a few days ago that they were positive in covid. “Covid? I no longer feel the flavors,” Ferragni had.

Silvagia Lucarelli tells on social networks the journey that many Italians go through: the delay in the survey by the local health authorities. “Gentlemen, By pushing tampons made. If you are a celebrity then … you have attentive and dedicated nurses, labs and healthcare. There is nothing strange about Lombardy And now also in the rest of the country. But, however, if you have an iota of empathy and connection to the world, you will probably avoid telling him that way, with stupid teenage stories, while the general public flounders,” Lucarelli says again.

His words are very powerful. They make us think, but at the same time they find no answer from Fedez’s wife. which remains in religious silence. At least for now. Ferragni did not respond to the accusations made by Lucarelli, and decided not to give popularity to the journalist from her followers.

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