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Che Dio ci Aiuti 8, Francesca Chillemi and Giovanni Scifoni on set: the funny backstory


Francesca Chillemi returned to the set of Che Dio ci Aiuti to film the eighth season. With her, her colleague and friend Giovanni Sivoni, the novelty of this new series. There is great collusion between the two. What did they show the fans?

God help us It is one of the most beloved series of all time. The audience has always followed each season with great engagement. The credit for this success undoubtedly goes to the novel’s staff. For many years Elena Sofia Richie, the beloved, was at the head of the series Sister Angela. The latter brought a nun outside the lines to the small screen. friendly It is often far from the strict rules of common sense.

Over the years the series has achieved great success. Along with it, many other characters were able to give the story an added value that always stood out episode after episode. How can we forget Guido? The character was played by Linen pillow, the most popular actor in Rai. His love story with azzurra leonardi, That’s by saying Francesca Chilememaking millions of fans dream.

Che Dio Ci Aiuti 8, Francesca Chillemi and Giovanni Scifoni on the set: what they showed

Over the years, as often happens, many characters have left the series. Exit Jowls It is still very bitter to accept today. Lino He decided to distance himself from this role and devote himself to something else. The same thing happened too Elenathe actress who has been the ultimate protagonist for years, has passed the baton to Francesca. Already from the previous season she played the role of the most beautiful nun in the convent. God help us It does not stop receiving excellent feedback, which is why some great news has arrived: the eighth season will be released. The actors returned to the set and Chileme this time will play the role of a nun With everything in it completion. Funny news represents it Giovanni Sivoni, New entrance.

From the social profile of Francesca Chileme, the group broke up with Giovanni Scivoni

There is something great between them Appreciation and complicity professional. This isn’t the first time they’ve found themselves together on set; Giovanni He was also part of the second season of Purple like the sea. This new adventure will allow the two to experience the parallel confrontation in a more intense way. Filming has officially begun and Francesca and Giovanni They always find a way to take a few minutes for themselves Relax and have fun. This morning they posted a very funny story on social media, where he was lying on the table and she, dressed as a nun, holding his legs, wrote: “Mechanical Nun”. What can we expect from this new season of Che Dio ci Aiuti? All we have to do is wait until the filming is over and the broadcast begins.

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