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Charizard is a favorite of the Italians, and here is the most popular country –

Charger and the Favorite Pokemon of ItaliansBut how are things in other countries of the world? This was revealed by an interesting graph generated by EnterTheToyZone, which identified the characters by Google results. Most famous For each nation, it is limited to the first generation.

With over 10 million copies of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet sold in three days, it’s clear Nintendo’s franchise is still in excellent health today and is among its most successful games, so it was curious to understand how one relates to these small local monsters in the area.

Pokemon, country-by-country map

As already mentioned, Charizard is a favorite of Italians but also of English, Irish and Czechs, while in Europe the scenario seems quite varied: in France and Luxembourg they are crazy about MewTwo, while in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands the most popular is Lapras.

In Japan, it may come as no surprise that Eevee is the most popular (and sought after) scepter-wielding Pokémon, but Pikachu is no less and is a winner in quite a few countries scattered around. In general, as can be seen, classical figures remain of greater international importance.

What is your favorite Pokemon and why?

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