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Cucchi: "Caos Serie A? C

“Chaos in the first division? There is a protocol, but it is the local health authorities that decide the health”

Ricardo CocciThe historical voice of Rai for many years, the symbol of Toto El Calcio Minoto in Minoto, commented on the chaotic situation of our First Division, which is grappling with the Covid emergency. “For me – says a Tuttomercatoweb.comIt’s a pointless argument, meaning there’s a protocol signed by A-clubs. And then there’s the ASL that has jurisprudence about people’s health and decision-making.”

Does the football government have to do something?
“The football government has a protocol, I repeat, signed by the chiefs and this is the valid document. The contradiction between the protocol and the authority of the ASL is obvious and no one thought about this. And I hope the sports judge does not evaluate the presence of a team on the field with the implication of 3 -0 on the table and later cancel it.”

It’s a conditional tournament…
“We knew that; what many would get away with is that we are facing a pandemic emergency that affects our lives and our work. How did we think there was no repercussions for football? Think of an ASL variant that has the skills to make a decision; the tournament will inevitably be conditional because the problem is for all Team. The goal of the protocol was to close the seasons and I hope we can succeed, but I think the health of the players and spectators comes first.”

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