Thursday, July 25, 2024

Change everything about payments: what the tax authorities will know (at the cashier)


Green Light to fully recover the commissions paid by merchants and restaurants to banks, provided that it is POS Associated with the Revenue Agency. This item was contained in the tax and labor decree approved by the Council of Ministers last Wednesday. The tax credit on point-of-sale expenses has been extended from 30% to 100% for a period of one year, until June 30, 2022, in favor of VAT figures with a turnover of less than 400,000 euros. An important step forward, even if the class of traders asks the government for an additional discount on it Committees Structural and generalized, perhaps considering exemption from bank tax on purchases up to 50 euros.

The rule passed by the executive also defines a new facility regarding the purchase and leasing of equipment that allows electronic payments A maximum of 230 euros. In this case, the tax deduction is 70% for subjects whose revenue does not exceed 200,000 euros, 40% for those with a bill between 200,000 and 1 million euros, and 10% between 1 million and 5 million for Confesercenti, the extra effort on purchases up to 50 euros would help in business activities. Point of sale cost, as pointed out by LaStampa, is inversely proportional to company size: it affects small businesses more than large businesses.

On the CashbackMeanwhile, the station has arrived. The program for allocating cash payment for purchases made using electronic payment instruments, which is governed by a decision of the Minister of Economy and Finance, has been suspended for a period of six months. As we have already anticipated, the savings from the measure will go towards financing a reform fund صندوق social safety nets. For 2022, a fund has been created as projected by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, with an endowment of 1,500 million euros intended to contribute to the financing of reform measures related to social safety nets.

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More than 8 million and 900 thousand people have joined the cashback by downloading App IO, who have so far carried out more than 784 million transactions. About 5.9 million users have more than 50 transactions, and therefore they have already earned the right to a refund of up to 150 euros. Application io . app It is still active, to be able to participate in the cashback, but also because it acts as an electronic access point for services, information and communications from the public administration. However, the repayment schedule has changed, and was initially expected within two months of the end of each semester; There is a delay, the new ruling refers to the new deadline of November 30, both for the just-ended period and for the six months of next year.


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