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Chamber, Senate and Government: Fdi-Lega-FI negotiations to a bitter end

Chamber, Senate and Government: Fdi-Lega-FI negotiations to a bitter end

A Indefinite negotiations. At all ends and up to the last minute. Between the Chamber, the Senate and the Government, the three main forces of the majority that must support the new Maloney administration, Italy’s brothers, Lega and Forza Italia, no image-complicating moves and counter-moves are omitted. The Parliamentary Journal presents a plastic picture of the impasse that still prevents agreed solutions from being reached.

The vote in the Senate that led to the election of Ignacio La Russa was notable: he was elected President of the Senate with 116 votes, exceeding the 115 available for the center-right, in which the majority of Forza Italia senators did not participate. Vote. If we had gone to the second call, it would have only been a signal of opposition to the overall balance within the coalition. With the non-vote election of Forza Italia and the participation of part of the opposition, it becomes a very significant political act.

In the Chamber, a quorum was not reached in the first vote, after all, the name of the President did not yet have the green light. The agreement on the presidency “is above all political parties. Last night there was no agreement in either the Chamber or the Senate. This morning the progress is not in the name, but in the party: the Senate Fdi and the House to League but there are tensions with Fi, I think because of the suspension of the government … ” , Andrea Grippa (Lega) spoke to journalists in Montessidorio, before the news that La Russa had been elected to the Senate.

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It is clear that the effort to reach an overall agreement on the election of the leaders of the House and Senate has not been achieved, including agreement on the government. Now we look at the Chamber, which will see its Speaker elected tomorrow, and the quorum will be reduced, and the composition of the Cabinet to support Georgia Meloney as Prime Minister. Between cross-vetos and restarts, we will arrive at the end of a deadlocked, indefinite negotiation that will certainly not give strength to a new majority and a new government. (From Fabio Inzenga)