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Elisa Isoardi, il ritorno in tv

Challenge with Mara Vinier

Two years ago he had received the audience for the last time, after learning of the cancellation of chef test From the stream: Lots of water passed under the bridges, and now Elisa Iswardi More ready than ever to get back on the scene. Confirmation has arrived recently, but fans are very curious to know what news the good presenter will have on TV. It is clear from the first expectations that one is waiting for it very difficult challenge.

Elisa Iswardi’s return on TV: The New Show

It’s been talked about for a long time, but it’s been talked about official news We had to wait a while: Rai schedules show for the upcoming fall-winter season highlights Elisa Iswardi’s alleged return on TV. Yes, the presenter will have her own show that will finally see her as the champ. There isn’t a lot of info about the show yet, which was clearly tailor-made for it. must be Adventure on the roadwhich will take her back to the time of Linea Verdi, when she traveled around Italy to discover her uniqueness.

What we do know for sure is what slot Isawardi will occupy: the new transmission It will air on Rai2 on Sunday afternoon, from 3 PM to 4 PM, a prestigious position, which will set you up for a (almost) unprecedented challenge. In fact, he will have to deal with Mara Vinier, who he will face in a few months Will return on TV on top Sunday in, sets an absolute record for the number of editions made. With so many of her exciting guests and entertainment that she doesn’t seem to be “aging”, Aunt Mara is undoubtedly preparing to A new season full of success.

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But the gunslinger is definitely not the only one who It’s going to give Elisa Iswardi a hard time. With Mediaset’s schedules already confirmed, his show will be a competition for friends: The Talent show Maria de Filippi He won again by opening Sunday afternoon, as happened last season. In short, the broadcaster will have two main pillars of Italian television to challenge. Mission: Impossible? Maybe yes, maybe no: of course, you will give everything. And the masses are ready to give her their full support.

Elisa Eswardi, two years away from TV

However, it will be a great comeback Elisa Iswardi. Although he has inherited a prominent role thanks to the management of chef testIn a short time, the transmission closed its doors, leaving it on foot. Two years ago, she was busy anyway. We saw it for the first time Dancing with the Stars, took part in an unprecedented adventure alongside Raimondo Todaro – in a release that, we must remember, was very unfortunate for both of them. Then I plunged into an intense vow, and took part inFamous Island.

Not seen on TV in several months: Waiting for a big break, Isouarde You took some well-deserved restBetween a walk in the city with his beloved dog and days in the mountains With his mother Irma. Now is the time to get back to work, with a new commitment likely to keep her occupied for an entire season.