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CGIL-UIL against the 8-hour general strike maneuver on December 16 – Economy

CGIL and UIL considered the maneuver “unsatisfactory” and decided to declare an 8-hour general strike on Thursday, December 16 with a national demonstration in Rome.

“Last Friday, the CGIL, tonight, UIL – reads a note – brought together individual statutory bodies to assess the economic maneuver launched by the government. While we appreciate the efforts and commitment of Premier Draghi and its Chief Executive, trade unions deemed the maneuver unsatisfactory, particularly with regard to taxes, and pensions, school policy, industrial policy, anti-deportation, anti-job insecurity, especially among youth and women, lack of self-sufficiency, all the more in light of the resources available at this stage, which would have allowed a more effective redistribution of wealth, Reducing inequalities and achieving balanced and structural development and stable employment. “Therefore, having received the full mandate from their bodies to give continuity of mobilization, we read that the confederate national secretariats of the CGIL and the UIL have declared an 8-hour general strike next December 16, with a national demonstration in Rome and with the simultaneous implementation of similar interregional initiatives and interconnected in 4 other cities”. The general secretaries of CGIL and UIL, Maurizio Landini and PierPaolo Bombardieri, will speak from the demonstration in Rome, which will take place in Piazza del Popolo.

The maneuver is very extensive and the government has supported the retired workers and their families with important facts, measures and resources. This is what we observe in Palazzo Chigi After the CGIL and UIL announced an 8-hour general strike on December 16, describing the budget law as “unsatisfactory”. It’s not true, it’s the logic made at Palazzo Chigi, that those who have little have little, and the numbers prove it. It is still noted that a very broad maneuver has been launched to accompany the country precisely to get out of the catastrophic emergency of Covid, in the face of many situations of hardship and possible poverty resulting from the crisis.

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Spara (Cecil): ‘Mistake hit and extremism of conflict’ – “The Commonwealth of Independent States in Lebanon considers it wrong to resort to a general strike and radicalize the conflict at such a sensitive moment for the country, which is still committed to addressing an epidemic from which it does not escape and aims to consolidate positive indicators of economic and productive recovery that need a joint effort to be Structural “. This was stated in a note by CISL Secretary General Luigi Spara after the strike announced by CGIL and UIL against the maneuver. “Moreover – he says – taking into account the significant progress that has been made in the last month on the contents of the budget law.”

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