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Cell phone hacked, 'strange' contacts in the address book and 3 other signs you need to pay close attention to

Cell phone hacked, ‘strange’ contacts in the address book and 3 other signs you need to pay close attention to

My cell phone may have been hacked, an idea that may have crossed all our minds. 3 signs not to be underestimated

On the other hand, it is not difficult for this to happen, quite the contrary. The important thing, after the first moment of understandable “panic” is to try to understand if this is really the case. We have 3 signals available.

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Before we understand whether our cell phone has been hacked, we have to understand it The extent of the phenomenon. how many valuable information Today we must to protect. Because in the cell phone of each of us there is practically all life. Personal photos, messages, names, nicknames and phone numbers. still , the account Of every kind imaginable, come on social In the supermarket cardSo Library so from Discounts In different shops.

in our area cell phonelet’s not forget, Passwords are stored to reach Bank accountIn the PostePay or Other credit/debit/rechargeable cards. L ‘io . appminor SPIDAnd of course email boxesis famous for its constant attack by tries to phishing. Same mobile number, ‘precious merchandise’ for all companies selling products/services of any kind.

still , Places he frequents and memorizes maybe from Google Maps. Section Leavesaccess to Zipperfor all these Application which has Access our data at any time. So it obviously becomes more and more necessary privacy protection. Or, in short, the rest of it.

Cell phone hacked, ‘strange’ contacts in the address book and 3 other signs you need to pay close attention to

Until we understand if our cell phone has been hacked, we have some “alarm bells” that give us valuable information. naturally, It is always a good idea not to ignore any “warning signs”., as with other things. sometimes, What seems insignificant to us can hide pitfalls Very dangerous.

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Let’s think, for example, of phone batteryYes, maybe that’s it download quickly. We can give a thousand reasons: I used my mobile a lot, I was connected to the Internet through a video game, and my model is old now … but this does not necessarily mean that it is exclusively about performance the battery.

If the cell phone “drops” too quicklyThat might mean Someone uses it when we’re “out of line”. Better to lose the afternoon and Take the device to the service center, which will immediately determine the causes of the malfunction. Whether it is technical or otherwise.

Another sign to watch out for is Address Book. Well, we have hundreds of contacts, how can we deny that. Some of them may not interest us. But If you are looking for a contact’s “tag” name (Phone number with / without a name) That’s really it It seems very strange to us, it is better to delve deeper.

Same thing about Receive text messages with numbers or codes. That could mean Our cell phone acts as a “bridge” for illegal activities. And if we think that this phenomenon is rare, we have to remember that Cell phone hijacking is one of the favorite activities of hackers.

According to the US Federal Trade Commission, phone hijacking is a rapidly growing phenomenon, and it has doubled in the past three years.

In short, We do not think that we are “free” from certain dynamics, quite the contrary. Identity theft happens quite often and people are – obviously unaware – a huge risk if they are involved. If not in terms of legalbecause you can prove your innocence, at least Exposure to times of stress and anxietywhich directly affect the physical well-being of pisco.

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So Maximum attention, even to the little things. It’s the only means we have to defend ourselves, among other things Defend our contacts in our mobile phone. Because once hacked, criminals gain access to many other potential victims.