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"Celebrity Island", you should leave the Gascoigne Palapa

“Celebrity Island”, you should leave the Gascoigne Palapa

The arrival of the “invaders”
Ilari Blasie announced that the four “professionals”, Manuela Ferreira, Emanuela Tettucia, Matteo Diamante and Rosaria Canavo, were taken down, ready to do anything to undermine the island’s current inhabitants from their positions.
Then he contacts the untouchables and shows them the incoming motorboat, “frightening” them and telling them that they will have to watch their backs because the new arrivals are already arriving while they are fighting and have studied them for an entire month. Actually, it starts right away Prima Sveda, Pelota, HondurasTo defend fire. He will face Manuela Fariba, Matteo Cirioli, Rosaria Francesca Ludo and Emanuela Angela Melillo. The Climbers win 2-0: Fire is theirs, and they will bring it in front of their camp, next to the “old” outcast camp.

The Dirty Five
There is a group that dominates the island, who are united and determined, who never give themselves up. It’s called dirty cinquina. They are Valentina Persia, Roberto Siofoli, Angela Melilo, Francesca Ludo, and Gil Roca. They are the founding fathers of superalloys, which always remain stable, unlike other alliances that break down. Loneliness is strength and five of them know it well.

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Harmony between Vera is broken e Meria, they are both named. The second accuses her ex-girlfriend of lying to her, and Vera insists that she is considered her “little sister”. She rejects the accusations and says that she has decided to put herself on alert and wants to isolate herself as others want, especially the filthy five. Eva defends her: “Whatever you do, she is against the group. That means being a leader.” Thomas also encourages her: “You are even stronger than five people combined.” Awaid intervenes against Meria: “It’s like ping a pong ball, it goes a little to the right and a little bit to the left.” Meanwhile, Rusolino announces that Paul is not there because he has to do some checks.

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Andrea Cirioli is especially hungry and says he can’t do it anymore. There is a suggestion to feed more men who have more muscle and consume more. Instead, Ilary relaunches the “hero test” that Andrea accepts: he will have to go beyond all his limits and beat the seasonal fire test record (by Ciufoli) to win a lavish banquet, flour, tomatoes, onions, oregano, oil and wine to share with his adventurous colleagues. The standard time for this year is 2 minutes 52 seconds. Andrea creates it and beats Roberto’s record.
Meanwhile, Beatrice gets along well with herself after losing the challenge of broadcasting TV with Fariba Tehrani and choosing to become a lonely pariah in Playa Embosscada.


Ilary features a clip in which the four new contestants talk about untouchables. Emmanuella Gil is known to be arrogant and arrogant. He says, “Yes it’s true, I’m a piece of nonsense.” Even Rosaria does not “like him”. Meanwhile, Giles says he has discovered animal and childlike aspects, adding, “I cry from morning to night. I’m Barbie. When I go out I’ll buy pink things.”
Meanwhile, at Playa Reunin between Gilles Rocca and Francesca Lodo, ​​the tension is strong due to the food. Gil Francesca has accused of always being at war when it comes to eating and sharing rice. The award defends itself.
Rocca admits: “I love her so much (…) I’m probably not right for being on Celebrity Island. I’m not productive, always crying.” He apologizes to the untouchable.

An outcast admits that he misses everything about him. Meanwhile, Ellary shows him a clip containing a message from his father, who greets him from the studio and encourages him: “We love you.” Jill asks him to be wary of Covid, who has lived it: “I recommend, masks, no dinner.”

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the television
Illari reads the first TV results: “Fariba” safely. Then I contacted Paul, who was in the hotel. His shoulder blade does not allow him to “continue this adventure”. Gascoigne was forced into retirement.
Meanwhile, the “Salvador Trial” is underway, which Francesca Ludo won, and it has to decide which of the remaining candidates will be saved. Ludo saves Miria, which makes Vera terminate the nomination again and justify the selection as follows: “Vera said she wanted to leave.” “It is true that I admit yesterday that I had a moment of weakness,” Vera says, “But I have the sacred right to have a moment of despair. It was also my mother’s birthday that I no longer have, I’m always tired of everyone against her.” A heated debate erupted between Vera, Valentina and Francesca over the nomination. Vera insists that she can’t stand it anymore and that “all against one” is not fair, but that is what happens to her.

The appointment
It is the turn of the nominations, Awad appoints Fariba as Andrea appointed her, Miriya, who says with her tears that she is a little confused and feels there is a heavy atmosphere, she chooses Andrea, Vera Valentina. Jill assigns Fariba. Chooses Ubaldo Isolde. Francesca appoints Awad, Fariba selects Valentina, who appoints her in turn. Illari throws her a message from the children, gives her parchment, and she bursts into tears. Angela appoints Fariba, who was also named by Isolde and Siofoli. Even climbers vote and do so in a clear way.
The first is Matteo who voted Siofoli, also chosen by Emanuela, the voice of Manuela Gels, and finally Rosaria Ciuvuli.
So Vera and Fariba go to TV.

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