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CASTROVILLI, Diary of recovery and first exercises in the gym: “Work work work”

step every time. Once again, Gaetano is taking the first steps towards recovery after cruciate ligament and ligament surgery. If this morning he had reported on yesterday’s visit to Villa Stewart, today it was already in the rehab gym which would obviously be very slow. After the intervention on April 21, the estimate given by Fiorentina themselves was 8/10 months to return to the field. So, in addition to the hard work that Gaetano will have to do, there will also be no frustration and heartlessness off the field. Those who have been seriously injured recommend focusing on yourself and surrounding yourself with loved ones and that is what the player does with his future wife Rachel always near him (and the little dog Furya), among other things with a wedding to prepare for next month.

But after visiting Professor Mariani The player wasted no time and immediately got back to work: “Business work work” writes in the stories Ig. Hand weights and knee exercises (as in the photos posted by the midfielder) are already reason to look forward. As the player declared himself, Will keep social rehabilitation notes, So much so that this morning he explained via Instagram: “From today I will continue to talk about the path of recovery, To share this adventure with you in its own way. Without the points, the first tests were taken. And everything is going in the right direction: I am too expensive to continue the path of recovery, day in and day out! Every detail is important, and I don’t want to leave anything to chance. “So there is a way to get a goal and put pen to paper for my progress without ever getting discouraged. Hoping that the diaries will tell us soon (even in 2023) to get back on the field, Castrovilli is working towards it.

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