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"Cashback supports higher returns."  That’s why Drake suspended him

“Cashback supports higher returns.” That’s why Drake suspended him

“Cashback is a reactionary one and aims to direct resources towards segments and regions of the country in optimal economic conditions.” Thus, explain the evidence of Palazzo Ciki, Prime Minister Mario Draghi, intervening in the Council of Ministers and explaining the basis for the suspension of action starting tomorrow, July 1st.

The greatest concentration of alternative means of money is found among those living in the North, and, in general, in large cities, by a householder under the age of 65, a middle-income man, and a worker with no status other than the status of a worker. Although there is no specific information on this to date, the reason why the head of government has explained to the ministers is that these categories are considered to be the biggest beneficiaries from money transfer and related bonuses and super. -Bonuses.

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The move, according to the Prime Minister, risks exacerbating income inequality, favoring wealthy families, and having the potential to have a substantial increase in GDP, with less inclination toward consumption.

It does not encourage those who already use cards …

Further – the same sources report on the content of the observations made by Tragi – there is no objective evidence of a greater inclination to use electronic payments by project members. Approximately 73% of households already spend more than the ceiling provided by the cards. So, most people can get maximum benefits even without accelerating their card usage.

… and the goal of low income cannot be achieved

On the other hand, it is unlikely that those who do not have cards or currently use them for less than the ceiling can actually achieve it, as most of them cannot afford to spend that amount. On average, the poorest fifth families actually have to increase spending on cards by almost 40%, while the wealthy only 1%. This means that transactions that have reached the refund target (50 transactions per semester) represent only 50% of the total transactions recorded, and approximately 40% are carried by the user in any case. Many transactions, such as suggesting that people are already accustomed to using electronic money.

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