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Cash withdrawal, everything changed.  Now you can lose a lot of money

Cash withdrawal, everything changed. Now you can lose a lot of money

From January 1, 2022, the rules regarding cash withdrawals will change. You can lose a lot of money

With the New Year coming, major changes are expected in terms of regulations and restrictions in our economy. There will actually be new thresholds foruse of money e determinants to any concern ATM.

From January 1, 2022In fact, the rules about some of our daily habits have changed, such as Cash withdrawal and the Pay with coins the banknotes. So it is important to know what these limits are and how much money you can lose if you do not respect them.

Here are the cash withdrawal rules

The start of 2022 will be marked as a change for some Standards that will directly affect our daily life. This is the to push In coins, banknotes and del Cash withdrawal. The new minimum set for “hand” payment is €999.99, a measure that was taken to try to counterTax evasion.

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Regarding, however, the Cash withdrawal, I will increase checkups for those cash withdrawals.suspiciousIn fact, credit institutions will begin to “investigate” cases of withdrawals of very large amounts of cash.

be the withdraw the amount, in fact, it should turn very high, the bank may ask the customer for clarification. In this case, the citizen will have to fill in apersonal identification It explains where the money is going. the Penalties They can go to 1.000 EUR A maximum €50,000.


on the front of the monetary, it is important to know that there is a limit if we want to buy or pay for a service or product in banknotes or coins. In fact, from January 1st, we can make cash payments even €999.99, a threshold that cannot be crossed, otherwise penalties will be imposed.

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However, the limit of one thousand euros does not apply to i ATM withdrawals. In fact, it is possible to withdraw cash that exceeds this limit, for example the amount of 2000 euros. The important thing, however, is that the number that exceeds the limit is not used Make a cash payment More than 999.9 euros.

It is very important to observe this threshold, as it is expected to be heavy Penalties For those who do not respect the rules. Both those who pay in cash above the threshold of 999.99 euros and those who receive money are punish of the law.

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Compared to 2021, when the minimum penalty was €2,000, the figure drops to 1.000 EUR. It is also important to remember that if a bank transfer exceeds € 999.99, it is necessary to prove that it is a donation or compensation. In fact, both these forms of income are tax-exempt.