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Cash, super performance

Cash, super performance

yesterday – TQQ in Vincennes: Tris 9-8-1, 156.24 euros for 136 winners, fee with rit. (No. 7) 22.38 euros; Quarter 9-8-1-4, €1023.45 for winners, €100.03 QAR; Quinté 9-8-1-4-6, €2,270.87 for one winner.

France / 1 – At yesterday’s trot in Vincennes, the Italians figured out just about everything between the four years in the D-cycle that finished the program and which was worthy as TQQ in Italy: in four in the top five, with a daring win from Cash Top. In his first appearance on the French tracks, Marie Forever’s son Reddy Cash with Alessandro Guciadoro lost several meters at the start due to a shift error. (in the first photo above on the left) But he gradually returned to the group to advance into the second corner and took the lead already at the beginning of the climb, he rejected the double offer of I Love You Tek from the inside, but this person is ineligible but because of an irregular gait, the impartiality of all “external (in the second picture). For Gocciadoro, this is his third victory as coach and the first as a driver in 2022 in France. In the run yesterday in Cagnes sur Mer, a failed run for Botti and Dario Vargiu, with Rainmaker sixth to claim and Please Exceed eighth and final in conditioning. The Rainmaker (€14,101) was claimed but for Italy, by Cesare Sirletti who would entrust it to Elisa Castelli (the same “contact” as Shikami, the last protagonist for good performance directly on Cagnes’ fibres). It must be said that the Raja Exceed race was dominated by Christian Dimuro (13 wins in 2022) with Transparent.

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Yesterday I jogged in Vincennes: Course E (€35,000, €2,700) 4. Barbarigo 13.8, 9. Buzz Stecca 14.7, 10. Bravissimo Lp 15.0; Course D (€44,000, 2850m) Zanzibar Wise As rp; Course D (€39,000, m. 2850) 1. Cash Top 14.6, 3. Cantab As 14.7, 4. Cocco Bfc 14.7, 5. Carosone Luis 14.9. Gallup Yesterday in Cannes-sur-Mer: Claim (16,000€, 2,000m²) 6. Rainmaker; Conditional (28000€, 1600m²) 8. Please bypass; Disability (17,000 euros, 1300 cu m) 3. Butti; Disability (19,000 euros, 1300 cu. m) 5. Scarface. Today gallop at Cagnes sur Mer: the first great rock (€23,000, 2,150 m).

France / 2 – There are 19 entries in the Prix de l’Ile de France (Group 1, €200,000, 2175 metres, combined) on Sunday in Vincennes: the Cornulier race winner, Flamme du Goutier, clearly did not appear, who has just also played Amerique. Three Italians are on the list: Zarine Fez and Fabrio’s participation is certain, even the participation of Vitruvius is possible. Speaking of American veterans, Flamme du Goutier would be at first in France and then in Paris, in Galius instead only in Paris. On the other hand, Jean-Michel Pazir evaluated his big names: “Davidson du Pont will play against France, Zacón Giot has strong chances to participate, and Rebella Matters could be there as well. Feydeau Seven will return to the less urgent posts, and it will be a while before we see Ganay de Banville on the track.”

Sweden – Ieri trotto a Bergsaker: Royal Sulky’s B-tränarserie-Spårtrappa (85,800 SEK, m. 1640) 6. Benedetto Op 15.0. Oggi trotto an Eskilstuna: (68,500 sec, m 2,140) Bold Jar.

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England – Yesterday in Wolverhampton, a tied victory for Marco Gianni (12 in 2022), in a handicap with Tributo, shared with David Probert and Thapa VC.

versa – Saturday Classical Theater in Cirigliano for 4 years, at Andreani GP (Group 3, €40,040, €2,060): 1 Chrono Ek (GP. Minnucci), 2 Credit Cash As (G. Di Nardo), 3 Cornaro Gas ( C. De Cristofaro), 4 Callisto (V. Gallo), 5 Condor Ors (M. Minopoli), 6 Cathrinelle (F. Rocca), 7 Cash Maker (A. Gocciadoro), 8 Csi Lj (F. De Cristofaro) , 9 Caronte tripe (G. Lo Verde), 10 Cherie Vit (V. Luongo). Team ratio: 1-7.