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Cash cap of €5,000 Everything you need to know so you don’t incur fines

Cash cap of €5,000 Everything you need to know so you don’t incur fines

With the new financial maneuver a cap of €5,000 in cash set, here’s everything you need to know to avoid incurring fines.

We’ve been talking about the change in the cash cap for weeks now, but not everyone knows exactly what it means and what rules this legislation sets.

Cash Limit Rules – Source AdobeStock

with the new budget law The threshold will change again cash ceiling, or the amount that can be paid with “physical” money. This is the tenth change in just 32 years that has already sparked a lot of controversy in the political world.

However, beyond the criticisms of this procedure, it is good to keep in mind what it is Respect rules So as not to incur penalties. So let’s see what the fiscal maneuver actually provides and in which cases the cash cap applies.

Cash ceiling, what is provided by law for this procedure

New financial maneuver Will definitely comeJanuary 1, 2023 Among the decisions made here there is also a new cash cap, ie The maximum amount that can be paid in physical money without incurring any penalties of any kind. Precisely in this sense, some may not know what exactly the legislation provides for and in what cases exceeding this limit can be punished.

Cash Limit Rules - Source AdobeStock
Cash Limit Rules – Source AdobeStock

Assuming that It will be possible to pay in cash up to a maximum of €4,999.99starting from € 5,000, it will not be possible to make payments that include a Transfer money between different threads, as provided for by the legislation currently in force. But what exactly does this definition mean? Specifically, cases like:

  • transfers between two different companies;
  • between the partner and the company to which he belongs;
  • between a subsidiary and a parent company;
  • between a legal representative and a partner;
  • between two companies with the same manager;
  • between a corporation and a sole proprietorship in which the number of owner and legal representative matches that;
  • For purchases, sales, provision of services and purchases by contributing to the capital or even for the payment of profits.
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