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Si rischiano 100 mila contagi al giorno

Cases with a sharp rise, according to experts, 100,000 infections are at risk, let’s see why »

Covid: The cases are in a strong recovery according to experts 100,000 injuries are at risk, let’s see why

There is a risk of 100,000 injuries per dayAccording to experts, New wave of COVID casesAnd the Up to 100 thousand In the height of summer, this is not a far-fetched hypothesis.

According to the German Minister of Health, Karl LauterbachAnd the In Germany Deterioration is a reality. The 7-day infection rate has increased significantly in the past week in the country and has increased reached 472And the4 for 447And the3 yesterday and 238And the1 last week.

Is Italy also in danger?
Virus world Fabrizio Brigliascoa lecturer at Milan State University, made important statements toAdnkronosin view of the spread Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 sub variants Which produced a boom in the positives in Portugal and Germany:“I am afraid that at this point there will also be another summer wave of COVID in Italywith about 100,000 infections detected per day through the daily bulletins, plus the submerged portion which, as it already happens, is not counted.”

In the wake of the ECDC warning, a file European Center for Prevention disease controlwhich expected an increase in cases in the coming weeks due to Omicron 4 and 5, so Pregliasco also expressed concerns for our country. “Strict recommendations will be needed to deal with an earlier peak than initially anticipated in the fall,” to caution.

What do you do next? According to experts, vaccination protection should be increased. According to the data, there are many people over their 80s who have not done the second boost and therefore could be at risk.

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