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Cases increase, some countries closed - RSI Swiss Radio & Television

Cases increase, some countries closed – RSI Swiss Radio & Television

Data released on Friday confirmed a rise in coronavirus cases in Switzerland, with 323 cases compared to 158 a week ago. This growth in infections has so far had no effect on the number of hospitalizations and deaths.

In Grayson, there are nine new cases, one new hospitalization and no deaths. Active cases increased by seven (to 68). So there are two patients in hospital but none of them are in intensive care. Also since Friday, the Swiss Covid-19 certificate has been recognized at the European level: the Swiss document – which certifies vaccination, cure or negative tests – is equivalent to the Green Pass and is linked to the EU computer system.

Meanwhile, however, in the face of the sudden rise in the number of infections, some countries are adopting new restrictive measures. This is the case for example in the Netherlands. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced a series of measures to tackle the coronavirus outbreak late Friday, including closing nightclubs. Seven thousand new cases were reported in the country on Friday. Rutte said infections had increased sevenfold in a week, forcing the government to back off on easing health restrictions.

Friday date

In Japan, in Tokyo, which is preparing for the Olympics but is seeing a rise in injuries, the Olympic flame arrived on Friday for a party in an empty stadium, following the decision of authorities and organizers of the Games to prevent spectators from entering. Many places due to Covid-19.

Hokkaido, northern Japan, has deemed it appropriate to ban spectators from the stands during Olympic soccer matches. Governor Naomichi Suzuki announced the decision Friday night, taking by surprise Japan’s central government – which announced that the public could attend the meetings.

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By Enrico Campione, Simone Fasora and Stefano Wenger