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Caroline Smith, The Never-ending Drama: Confession Brings Tears

Caroline Smith, The Never-ending Drama: Confession Brings Tears

Caroline Smith is the famous Governor of Dancing with the Stars, the popular Rai 1 show hosted by Milly Carlucci. As everyone knows, she had a long battle with cancer but also spoke about another sad episode that hit her hard.

Caroline Smith is a British dancer, choreographer and television personality, best known in Italy purely for taking the position of chairperson of the jury on the talent show Rai Uno Dancing with the Stars, which she has participated in since 2007. The woman has been battling a serious illness for some time, always trying to show himself strong and fighting his most Importance. In this context, she met someone who was very close to her but who unfortunately said goodbye too soon.

Caroline Smith, A Tale of Tragedy

Much loved by the audience, thanks to her elegance and refinement, as well as great professionalism in dancing, Caroline Smith has been made famous for years by Rai 1 audience thanks to Dancing with the Stars, the historical program that has been on the air since 2007. In recent years, Caroline has had to deal with an illness Bad, dangerous cancer, you continue to fight it.

In November 2015, in fact, Caroline Smith announced that she had malignant breast cancer. After a remission phase, he publicly revealed that he was being treated for a relapse. For this personal problem that struck her, Smith became an AIRC spokeswoman and publicly participated in awareness campaigns on the topic, addressing sick women, telling them about her case and calling on them not to give up. As a guest in the episode of Francesca Vialdini’s program, last October 4, 2021 in “Mina Free”, he met Gabriella, a woman like her who was battling illness but unfortunately she did not succeed.

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Caroline Smith has nearly 300 thousand followers on Instagram. She is very active on social media: she shares snapshots of her private life and career, and has decided to show even the most dramatic moments of her existence, such as the one where she is battling cancer. Through social networks, in fact, he wrote her a very nice letter, with which he had a distant relationship, thanks to which he exchanged many messages of comfort: “Unfortunately today I don’t feel like smiling. Last night I heard from his son Alessandro, unfortunately Gabriella is gone. It really is a pain! I didn’t know her well, I never knew her personally, but there were messages every day: She was a very sunny person, a great warrior.” His presence has entered my heart and I am sorry he is no longer there!”

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