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Asia Argento e Gianna Nannini giurate a "The Band"

Carlo Conte presents The Band, a talent for groups, with private jurors

After the great success of The Voice SeniorRai decided to refocus on musical talent. and between x factor He lost, because he’s been competing for years (Sky) and a friends Stainless, search for a different combination, focusing on groupson the lack of a final award, if not appear and on a throws the exceptionFirst-class names Either on a jury or as a teacher from competitors.

But let’s go in order: Carlo Conte, the author of the program, presented his book to the press the bandA new music show is starting Friday April 22 for total Five first evenings.

the bandThe talent of groups where nothing is profitable

“The band is different from other TV talents, first you don’t earn anything, not even a record deal, much less money, but there is great fun in composing music, and everyone will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to make themselves known to the general public,” Conte specified at the press conference. “And then there’s a very high percentage of women.”

They will be in the race Eight emerging bands who will compete with each other. “It is the talent of the orchestras that play famous songs covers Conte always explains.

What do you win? Accounts: “Satisfaction with the election of the squad of the year“.

the banda trio of exceptional jurors: Ferdone-Argento-Nannini

Conte continues: “We have chosen 16 bands from over two thousand performances. Eight groups will arrive, each with a mentor who will follow them and help them prepare for the task that we give each week. In addition there will be a jury formed by Carlo Verdonemusic lover, vinyl collector and drummer, Asia Argentoformer talent show juror starts with x factorand the Queen of Rock with the release of the highly anticipated album in September, Gianna NanniniHis first experience in a talent show.

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the bandteacher of first class artist groups

As a teacher, they will be there Jose FerreriAnd Irene GrandeAnd sweet blackMarco Masini Federico ZampaglioniAnd Francesco SarsinaEnrico Negioti and Rocco Tanica.

“The program – explains Conte, who presented him at Viale Mazzini – also wants to represent him Incentive to restart live music And the desire to play: that is why it will take place not in a television studio, but in a theater – “Verdi” in Montecatini Terme – to make the most of what it means to live with a real audience.

the bandGianna Nannini: “Finally we start composing music together”

We’ve never before seen so many famous names so concentrated in one talent, between jury and teacher, and having a thoroughbred horse like Gianna, on her first try as a talent, is indeed an amazing feat. Which says, “It’s a nice sign for live music. I am not here to be a judge. I will give constructive criticism. I’m glad to have this program that gives peopleA chance to compose music together, without computers, there are few bands in Italy, they are not in his DNA, but we are always looking ahead. The band should rock and play and be together. Rocks are a material requirement I hope they have that need.”

Asia Argento: “This program is generous”

Asia Argento says: “I have always had a symbiotic relationship with music, listening to it, playing it, following it. This program It’s not a ransom later x factorWell, it’s something else entirely. this work Karmicwe do it in a more calm manner, without wars with other judges. ”

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“Among these bands, I have been struck by the vital force that is, in some cases, ageless. I am delighted to be part of this project to find Carlo Verdoni who has guided me and to work with Gianna whom I absolutely admire.”

The band, Asia Argento and Gianna Nannini in the jury

The band Carlo Verdoni: My advice to the emerging bands

“For the teams, I advised them not to appear as if they were in a supermarket. The look, sometimes, is important, it serves Show a little crazyThen he added: “I’m having fun, I stopped writing the movie for a month. I do not want to see gangsters, for example, copy Maneskinbecomes a cliché.

The band is talented from the original form

The band is based on original formatProduced in association with Palomar Entertainment. Network Administrator says Stefano Coletta: “The Band is my last entertainment, as director of Rai 1, before moving to the new primetime location. I’m happy with both the latest entertainment but also the first in a long series in regards to the new mission.” He responds to those who ask if the idea for the bands came after Manskin’s global success: “The idea for this format was born much earlier. We are working on a project, I repeat project, which will see Maneskins as a model but will not air on Rai 1″….

Band, extraordinary jury