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Carlo Conte and Roberta Morris, the sad background at the farewell party: “We were really a lot…”

Everyone certainly remembers the love story between Carlo Conte and Roberta Morris. The two famous small-screen personalities fell in love thanks to television and suddenly broke up, without giving any explanations about the true reason for the breakup. For a long time, fans wondered what it was, and today the truth of their alienation has finally surfaced.

Carlo Conte and Roberta Morris Altranutesia

conductors Carlo Conte e Roberta Morris They lived a long and intense love story that lasted until suddenly the ship sank. This explains why two of the smallest screen’s most beloved characters have separated.

Carlo Conte and Roberta Morris, because they broke up

Famous squad leader top 10, In the TV studios of the program the legacy Get to know the wonderful person better Roberta Morris A talented presenter who became famous through shows like Next yearAnd your facts.
Looks like the two have already met Recommended some time ago.

On the popular Rai Uno show, she was one of the famous “Professors” and so the two fell madly in love despite having The age difference is 25 years. On several shows, they worked hand in hand to become one of the most loved couples by the rai audience.

For a very long time, the two formed a beautiful couple. Unfortunately, since 2011, something between them has irreparably changed. Let’s find out what happened.

The fact of the separation

It is clear that Carlo and Roberta are no longer bound by the passion that initially united them and has become like father and daughter. In fact it is It was the same as Maurice before a while To explain the reasons why their story ends by speaking into the microphones of “I Lunatici”, The scheduled radio program for Al Rai radio.

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Former Conte explained: “I had a long history with someone who is well known and maybe the reason this story ended is because we had it.”

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After the final closure with Roberta, Carlo Conte met another woman and fell madly in love with her. His current wife, Francesca Vaccaro, with whom he has a son, Matteo. While Roberta is with the businessman Giulio Frattini, former Campania showgirl Raffaella Fico.

In short, they both seem to have found serenity and love again in the arms of new partners.

Carlo Conte why he left his ex-wife Altranotizia