Saturday, July 20, 2024

Cardinale pays $1.8 billion in cash to acquire Paramount, RedBird’s largest investment


As reported Bloomberg, Jerry Cardinale#1 in RedBird, will be the second largest investor in the new BasicAfter I submitted $1.8 billion Of the more than $8 billion in cash Skydace Group is injecting into the transaction, it is the largest investment ever made by Milan’s owner fund.

Agreement details

The agreement reached between Paramount and Skydance to merge these two important film companies is recent news. (click here). Number one has a hand in this case. red bird Born in Milan Jerry Cardinalewhich in fact allowed these negotiations to bear fruit by contributing together to that. Dance Sky to budget Basic with $1.5 billion, In order to try to reduce religion For the company that owns the rights The league in the United States of America.

The total value of the agreement is $8 billion.nearly 3 times higher than the previous offer. In light of this deal, Milan President Cardinale continues to expand the RedBird Fund.which was never limited to just sports arena issues, but always led to entertainment.

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