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“Cardinal deniers, here is the one who was hospitalized for Covid” - Libero Quotidiano

“Cardinal deniers, here is the one who was hospitalized for Covid” – Libero Quotidiano

Pope Francesco When it comes to coronavirus and a vaccine, he has always been relentless. The President of the Holy See, returning from Slovakia, admitted this. There are deniers at the College of CardinalsHe explains that it is “necessary to explain calmly” in order to “help those who are afraid.” A position Bergoglio does not seem to understand: “It is a little strange — and he trusts that he came up with it.” Corriere della Sera – Because mankind has a history of friendship with vaccines, we have had measles and polio, and no one has said anything.”

The only possible explanation for Pope Francis lies in the uncertainty of not only the epidemic, but also In the diversity of vaccines As well as the fame of some vaccines that are a little more than distilled water, and this create fearAnd again: “Some say that the vaccine is going into you, or that the vaccines are not being adequately tested … Even in the College of Cardinals, there are some deniers and one of them, poor fellow, He was taken to the hospital due to the virus. Life irony. They are afraid, it is necessary to calmly clarify. In the Vatican they are all vaccinated except for a small group that is studying how to help. ”

Then the Pope returned to talking about religion and his decision to participate in the Eucharistic Conference in Budapest after 21 years. “Someone thought badly of a visit to Budapest – he said – but it was so planned, I promised your boss to see you next year or another year if I could come.” For Bergoglio, the values ​​of Hungarians are many. In particular, he concludes: “I was struck by the ecumenical feeling with great and great depth. In general, Europe You must restore the dreams of the founding fathers. The European Union is not a meeting to do things, there is a soul at the base of the European Union that Schumann, Adenauer and de Gasperi dreamed of, those greats who dreamed of Europe.”

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