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Car Tax: How to Pay Less in 2022

Car Tax: How to Pay Less in 2022

the car tax It is an indigestible tax for Italian taxpayers, who have to pay this tax every year in exchange for owning their own cars. This is why many are looking for solutions to save on taxes or even to avoid paying them to tax. But are there cases where this is possible? Below we list all cases where a car tax deduction is offered or a full exemption is being considered.

What are the ways to pay car tax less

There are several ways that give the car owner the opportunity to pay a less onerous tax on the car tax. Here they are in short:

  • with the bank localization Vehicle tax costs 10% less.

  • Special discounts are provided with Law 104.

  • Several regions have announced subsidies to pay the lower car tax.

But let’s analyze these utilities specifically.

bank localization

The savings solution is certainly represented by the choice of payment by bank localization of the car tax. This option allows you to get a 10% discount which is possible for those who own Bank account Bank or post office. However, this is not practical for vehicles over 30 years old and for trailers with a mass less than 3.5 tons.

Law 104

who has one inability He is the owner of Law 104, does not pay car tax. But what are the categories that are exempt from paying vehicle tax?

  • helpless.

  • Persons with disabilities with severe restrictions on movement.

  • Deaf, dumb and mentally handicapped.

  • Those unable to drive.

These are people who need the help of others to be able to walk.

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Regional Privileges

There are several Italian regions that have provided assistance to taxpayers by agreeing to controlled rates for motor vehicle tax. In Lombardy, for example, there are some categories of people and cars that have car tax deductions. the Taxi They save 75%; Hybrid vehicles (for five years) and rental cars 50%; Driving school vehicles 40%; bus rental 30%; Vehicles with motors used to transport objects of a gross weight of at least 12 tons and road tractors to tow semi-trailers with air suspension to the drive axle(s) or suspension equivalent to 20%. Also in the Lombardy region, the disabled are exempted from paying the car tax; cars only; rental vehicles for the transport of people; light bikes and quad bikes; hydrogen vehicles; cars and gas-only electric vehicles; buses used in public service; cars used for draining ponds; Vehicles used with automated systems for loading, unloading and simultaneous compaction of municipal solid waste; Ambulances for urgent or emergency services; Historic public transportation vehicles.

In Puglia, on the other hand, car tax exemptions for disabled people are guaranteed for cars with a capacity of up to 2,000 cc for gasoline vehicles and up to 2,800 cc for diesel vehicles. In addition, this credit is also valid for vehicles with electric motors for a period of five years, while reductions for LPG and methane vehicles are expected at 75% of the amount owed.

Emilia-Romagna does not charge car tax Historic vehicles; for disabled vehicles; For electric cars or vehicles that run only on LPG and methane; for hybrid powered vehicles; for the purchase of ecological vehicles; For vehicles delivered to dealerships for resale.

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Who does not pay car tax?

Finally, car tax exemptions are always provided to owners of:

  • Vehicles over thirty years old, if not used for professional use.

  • Zero cars Low emissions.

  • New cars are emission-free and at the same time get rid of polluting old vehicles.