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Canadian police said they will take out the Freedom Caravan

On Thursday, in Ottawa, Canadian police arrested Tamara Leech and Chris Barber, two leaders of the protest movement against the coronavirus restrictions known as the Freedom Caravan, which has blocked the country’s capital for nearly three weeks. With the arrests, the police began to clear the demonstration which is supposed to start soon, although it is not clear how it will take place.

A few hours before the two were arrested during a press conference held by the Ottawa police announce – The start of the evacuation of the demonstrators, which he called “the imminent”. Among other things, the police set up about 100 checkpoints along the entire perimeter of the protest, and brought in several new officers from outside the city to assist in the operation. The protesters have so far been threatened with fines and other administrative measures, but police said they could be forcibly removed soon.

The eviction was announced by the Acting Chief of Ottawa Police, Steve Bell, as previously given by Peter Sloughi, resignation After it was severely challenged for its failure to oppose the protest effectively enough.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday announce Adoption of extraordinary federal measures to stop protest: The measure implemented by the government is the so-called “emergency law,” which can only be invoked in cases of special danger, and this is the first time in Canadian history that the government has used measures of this kind to contain an anti-protest for the government.

With the emergency law, the government has, for a period of 30 days, Extraordinary PowersIncluding blocking protesters’ bank accounts, a measure that has already been applied to Tamara Leech, the protest leader who was arrested Thursday. Freedom Caravan spokesperson He said Leech was arrested on charges of aiding and abetting illegal acts, but Ottawa police have not released any communications about it.

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